Sep 2020
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5 Steps to Create and Measure the Impact of Your Internal Communication

With the move to working from home and remote work quickly becoming the new normal for millions of employees worldwide, we are confronted with a myriad of digital tools inundating our daily workflows. Employees are now managing email, Zoom meetings, instant messaging, document management, tasks, to do’s and much more.

Internal communication with your team is paramount at a time when the nature of work is evolving quickly and reshaping how many of us will undertake work going forward. The requirement to measure the impact of Internal Communication is now a necessity. Through the use of analytics, HR and Internal Communication teams can now better understand how their teams engage with and respond to a range of communications.  

The following steps are designed to assist managers with creating, publishing and measuring your Internal Communications.

1. Deliver the right message to the right people

The segmentation of internal comms can be challenging. The average organization is a complex organism of people, process, product or service. Different groups require different direction to achieve optimal outcomes and ensure people are working towards the same goals.

The company Intranet can be employed to broadcast communication to the entire organization, but the opportunity to measure how individuals respond to this communication is beyond the capabilities of most Intranet Software.

Instant messaging tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are transforming the way teams chat, and in most respects, doing away with the need for email which is a positive evolution within team communication. However, there are many discussions concerning the downsides of chat replacing well-established methods of direction and process oriented communication.

Email is also broken. You can send email communication to many, but there’s no opportunity to measure how communication is interpreted and acted upon by individuals.

The ability to deliver targeted communication using role-based permissions within your Intranet enables HR and Communication teams to achieve positive outcomes. The Digital Workplace should provide tools that deliver functions like personalized news feed, mobile-first content delivery (whether responsive web content or using native apps) as well as surveys that allow you to poll attitude, opinion and sentiment that are fundamental to employee engagement.

2. Ensuring your team reads the communication

Read receipts on email provide instant proof your critical updates and company announcements are being read over email. Or are they? It’s one thing to capture open rates on email for employees, but something else entirely to measure if they are consuming and understanding the communication being sent to them.

Having the ability to ensure communication is being received and read is fundamental in ensuring the whole organization is aware of what’s happening.

Publishing your Internal Comms using the CentricMinds platform enables you to measure engagement in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Track open and engagement rates of users who are targeted with Internal Communication
  • Empower users with the ability to Like, Share and Comment on the Internal Communications you post
  • Notify Groups of users, or individual users with Internal Communication. The users will receive notifications in realtime that specific Internal Comms have been published for their response
  • Measure engagement using the analytics dashboard to help craft future communication

HR and Internal Communication teams have a responsibility to ensure the entire team has been informed of minor and major changes that could be occurring on a daily, or even hourly basis.

3. Create visually engaging Internal Comms, easily

It goes without saying that visually engaging communication does a better job of connecting and engaging with an audience than just a text-based email.

The creation of Internal Comms, and the steps in which HR and Internal Comms team members can share their comms with different audiences, should be a simple and straight forward process. CentricMinds provides a powerful drag and drop authoring environment for the creation, management and publishing of custom Internal Communication.

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