CentricMinds launches 2022 Video Campaign

Mar 2022
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CentricMinds launches 2022 Video Campaign

We’ve been busy designing, casting, shooting, and editing a collection of new videos that we’ll be sharing soon!

What can you achieve in 15 minutes? You could make pasta, walk the dog, take a shower, meditate, and more. But could you create a collaboration space for working with customers? 

Now you can.

In our first video campaign, 15 minutes tells the story of how you and your team can work together to launch a collaborative environment for creating, sharing, and managing all types of content with your customers and partners.

In 15 minutes, you can use the CentricMInds platform to launch an Intranet or Extranet solution that can help you and your customers share and manage project content. CentricMinds synchronizes perfectly with Google Workspace or Office 365 content. Once you connect CentricMinds with your Google or Office account, you can then share your content securely with clients through a personalized portal. 

You can set up portals for each of your clients, partners, or anyone else who needs access to your work. Send them an invite, share files, tasks, and even forms to complete. With powerful analytics built right in, you can track what they accessed and what they still have outstanding.

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