Mar 2019
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CentricMinds supports Live Publish. Content transformation directly from Microsoft Word to the Web

CentricMinds has partnered with Qualitem to support the Live Publish technology within the CentricMinds Digital Workplace and Digital Experience CMS platform.

Live Publish enables business users to effortlessly publish content created from with Microsoft Word to their web destination of choice managed using the CentricMinds platform.

Transform content stored within documents into responsive, searchable web content published to your Intranet or external website. Business users can now bypass the need to learn complex HTML and CSS and publish directly from within Word. Live Publish from Qualitem can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Office Store.

“We recently partnered with CentricMinds to implement their Digital Workplace product for a publicly listed company who wanted to empower their business users to publish effortlessly from Microsoft Work into CentricMinds. The integration both parties undertook has resulted in a powerful content publishing solution for business authors across the organization,” said Rick Rosaro, CEO of Qualitem.

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