DocuSign Integration

Design, configure and manage bespoke signing solutions for documents and web forms managed within CentricMinds.

The CentricMinds integration with DocuSign enables organizations to design, configure and manage bespoke signing solutions for documents and web forms.

Organizations can publish their documents to DocuSign in order to create DocuSign templates. These templates can then be used in conjunction with CentricMinds' Form Processing by assigning one or more DocuSign PDFs with forms presented within the Document Management system. This process is also supported across Internet and Intranet sites managed by CentricMinds, allowing organizations to design powerful digital signing solutions for employees and customers.

When users complete web forms within the DMS, Internet or Intranet site, CentricMinds is configured to display the assigned document template for signing by that user. When the user submits the form, CentricMinds processes the submission and requests the document from DocuSign. The document is then displayed to the user for signing and the form submission is stored in CentricMinds. Form submissions can be used to trigger a form based workflow process which may require the user to complete additional documents or review other information.

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