For teams who are running their operation using Dropbox, now you can connect your existing Dropbox account with CentricMinds and deliver powerful user experiences for your customers and partners.

Our native API integration with Dropbox allows you to:

Access any files or folders in Dropbox from within CentricMinds

Synchronize folders of files stored within Dropbox from CentricMinds Drive.

Setup client portals using CentricMinds and control which customers or partners have access to what content inside your Dropbox account

CentricMinds allows you to create personalized client portals (complete with partner or customer branding) and control what content stored in your Dropbox is displayed for each partner or customer.

Add permissions and extra layers of security to your files and folders

Once you synchronize content from your Dropbox with CentricMinds, you can then apply security over what users can view and access your Dropbox content.

Add tags to your content stored in Dropbox, allowing you and your team to click on tags and view all associated content

Stay organized by tagging your content, allowing users to quickly discover related content within CentricMinds.

Experience a seamless user experience between Dropbox and CentricMinds

No more shuffling between platforms. Stay on track, save time and increase productivity.

Have one secure location, rather than multiple locations for files

Give your employees a true centralized platform for all the information and resources that they need to do their jobs. 

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