Enterprise Document Management System

Drag & Drop, Preview documents without downloading, assign individual users different levels of permissions, maintain full version control, revision history and more.

Powerful Document Solution

Document Management is a core competency of the CentricMinds platform. Many organizations rely on the suite of document management tools for the capturing, categorization and management of document collections. Coupled with the native Workflow Management engine, organizations can create powerful routing and approval tasks for document automation

Document Previewing

Preview native documents within the browser. Comment on documents and choose to share with other team members. Bundle Office and PDF documents together and download as a single document.

Drag and Drop Publishing

Accelerate your document publishing or migration effort through dragging and dropping directly into the DMS. Metadata and view permissions are automatically assigned based on the role of the document author.

Office 365 Integration

CentricMinds provides seamless integration with your Office 365 productivity suite. Authors can check in documents to the CentricMinds DMS from within Office, and browse the DMS and check out documents. Authors can associate metadata allowing document publishing automation processes including push notifications to individuals or groups when new versions of documents become available.

Version History

Authors can view the history of documents and choose actions including rollback, restore and compare which provides in-browser side-by-side comparison of documents with the automatic highlighting of differences captured between document versions.

Permission Management

Granular role based security enables organizations to manage a single unified DMS for multiple audiences. Document taxonomies will augment their presentation based on the view and author permissions of the end user.

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