Platform Integrations

Connect with the other tools your team uses to quickly automate both content and data in unique and valuable ways that improve business process.

CentricMinds supports integrations with a range of applications. The CentricMinds API enables developers to integrate additional applications using the suite of RESTful Web Services. Following are some examples of existing CentricMinds integrations.

Office 365 and SharePoint


CentricMinds supports native integration with Office 2010, 2013 and Office 365 and Outlook enabling organizations to leverage the way they work across the cloud and mobile. SharePoint integration enables organizations who have invested in SharePoint to reuse and repurpose content in unique ways through CentricMinds.



CentricMinds supports integration with Salesforce enabling organizations to capture user data and push this into Salesforce. This is primarily achieved through CentricMinds support for Zapier (an app integration service). Some example use cases include:

  • User submitted form data (e.g. from a contact or feedback form) is pushed into Salesforce as contacts (e.g. for the user submitting it) and data / interaction history associated with that contact,
  • User sign up (e.g. end users signing up for an account within the site) are pushed into Salesforce as contacts,
  • User event registrations (e.g. end users registering to attend an event within the site) are pushed into Salesforce as leads,
  • Orders placed via CentricMinds solution are pushed into Salesforce as leads.

In addition, CentricMinds supports Salesforce Single Sign On which enables users to access / sign in to Salesforce using their CentricMinds account credentials (and thus for access to Salesforce to be managed through CentricMinds and / or Active Directory).



CentricMinds supports integration with DocuSign enabling organizations to introduce document signing requirements in conjunction with forms submitted within sites managed using CentricMinds. Administrators are provided with the ability to link one or more documents to be signed with a given form and after submitting the form the user will the taken to DocuSign to sign the associated documents and complete the submission process.



CentricMinds supports integration with Infusionsoft. This is achieved through direct integration which allows administrators to map fields from their forms directly with fields within Infusionsoft. The primary focus of the integration is contact / lead generation (each form submission creating a new contact / lead or updating a previously created one).



CentricMinds supports integration with HubSpot. Once in HubSpot, CentricMinds can automate EDM campaigns and track and manage sales opportunities. By connecting HubSpot to other tools via Zapier, a fully automated sales management funnel can be created that starts with the management of your site using CentricMinds.



Access more than 1,000+ web apps through Zapier. CentricMinds enables your to automate web content, document and form processes through the vast network of discrete web apps available through the Zapier directory.

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