Push notification

Be notified from inside your browser or mobile app when team members respond to your posts, assign you tasks and more.

Real-time Notifications

Evolve your Intranet into a living platform by notifying team members in real-time with push notifications via their web browser, or the CentricMinds native iOS and Android app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications connect a range of content and data management tasks. When team members comment on or like your posts, you’ll be notified. When you are assigned tasks by other team members, you’ll be notified, and when a workflow process requires your review and approval, you’ll receive a notification.

Choose How to Use Notifications

Within tasks, you can choose to notify individuals or entire groups of users to action tasks, review and accept documents and more. Push notifications are also supported for external audiences via an Extranet environment. Send reminders to third parties when review dates are reached, when documents expire and more.

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