SharePoint Integration

CentricMinds enables organizations invested in SharePoint to synchronize and expose documents in unique ways.

CentricMinds enables organizations who are invested in SharePoint to share these documents in new ways; publishing remotely to an Internet or Extranet site, synchronizing a collection of documents to a cloud environment, allowing documents to be digitally signed using DocuSign and more.

The CentricMinds integration with SharePoint involves importing documents from SharePoint into the CentricMinds Document Management repository and includes support for a one-time synchronization (when migrating from SharePoint to CentricMinds), or ongoing synchronization (where SharePoint and CentricMinds co-exist together).

Graph API integration

CentricMinds enables organizations to access Microsoft Cloud resources using the Microsoft Graph RESTful web API, and allows drag and drop publishing between SharePoint and the CentricMinds Drive directory.

A synchronization is based on SharePoint Sites (one or more sites and/or sub sites) and Lists (a group or collection of content that may have been configured in SharePoint). CentricMinds supports integration with SharePoint Online.

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