Web Content Management

The intuitive, point and click user interface of CentricMinds enables any business author to publish responsive web content in a variety of ways.

CentricMinds has been chosen by a wide range of organizations for its intuitive, point and click web content management tools. Existing customers manage highly visible Internet sites that serve millions of page views per month, manage web content across multiple sites from a single authoring environment, and support thousands of authors working across multiple locations and time zones.

Supporting Business Requirements

CentricMinds also supports complex business requirements enabling web content to be published across Intranet, Extranet and Internet environments from a single management interface.

Content Authoring Tools

The web content authoring tools of CentricMinds enables the management of web, document content and data across different devices and environments. The web based content authoring environment enables non-technical business authors to feel comfortable with preparing, authoring and publishing web content across a single or multiple web destinations.

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