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Automotive Holdings Group (ASX: AHG)

Automotive Holdings Group Limited (ASX: AHG) is a diversified automotive retailing and logistics group with operations in every Australian mainland state and in New Zealand. The company is Australia's largest automotive retailer.

Automotive Holdings Group Ltd (ASX: AHG)

The Challenge

A large and diverse communications network where end-users couldn’t access the information they required when they needed it

AHG were using an ageing SharePoint Intranet solution for news and communications across their growing and diverse dealership network.

The business required a modern Intranet solution that supported access to news and communications from anywhere, on any device, personalized to each user - not only at the user level, but by dealership, business unit, state, and even role within the company. Mobility was a driving force for AHG to select and implement the CentricMinds platform.

The Solution

Granular user and user group management

As a preliminary step, the solution required every staff member to have an individual user account within Active Directory. This was not an easy task given AHG’s huge workforce and the overheads of ongoing maintenance. It also required comprehensive user grouping (and nested grouping) to achieve a structure that would allow both broad and very targeted communication. AHG completed their Active Directory preparation and the CentricMinds Active Directory User Sync seamlessly synchronized user accounts & groups.

Intranet anywhere, on any device

We deployed the CentricMinds Intranet so that AHG news and communications would be  available via any web browser and also via the dedicated native mobile app for iOS and Android. The deployment was configured to be available both internally and also outside of the fixed dealership networks. This was achieved through high availability hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Personalization at the user, location, business unit, and role level

With granular user grouping and selection, it became possible to tailor intranet news and communications via various grouping levels.

Content Automation from Microsoft Word

The Live Publish technology was deployed to allow business authors to publish content directly from inside Word to the live Intranet environment as web content.

An advanced notifications system for communications

By developing a system that worked at the user and group level, we were able to build out an advanced communications and notifications system. This included mobile notifications targeted to specific user/s and/or group/s, replies, and notification acknowledgements. With mobile push notifications this means communication is instantaneous.

The Results

Increased employee engagement

With the intranet hosted in a highly available environment and accessible by every staff member at any time (either on their desktop on via their mobile device); a clear increase in employee engagement has been achieved.

Easy to use systems

With our modern browser and app-based Intranet, alongside personalization and communication features, users report the system as being very easy to use.

“The result of our project with CentricMinds is a modern Intranet that provides AHG with the opportunity to reach our team in new ways.”

David Christison, Group Executive, Corporate Communications.


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