Plans & Pricing

The CentricMinds CMS can be tailored to meet all types of budgets. We've supported clients at each end of the spectrum, from small to medium sized organisations through to enterprises.

The following provides an outline of the typical fees that come with implementing and supporting the CentricMinds CMS.

1. Product Licensing

The CentricMinds CMS is licensed based on the number of named authoring seats.


2. Product Configuration

The CentricMinds CMS can be configured in a variety of ways. Depending on your requirements, we've provided the following configurations that provide quick deployment of the solution with time to market in mind.


3. Training

CentricMinds can provide Author & Administrator training over the web, or facilitated through our on-site training (our preferred approach).


4. Dedicated Hosting

CentricMinds can be deployed on-premise within your infrastructure (Windows & Linux supported), or in the Cloud.


5. Annual Support

The CentricMinds CMS is supported through a dedicated Service Level Agreement. We provide four levels of support depending on required level of business continuity.


Indicative Project Cost: $0

Clients using the CentricMinds CMS include:

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