Connect Your Remote Teams

CentricMinds is an employee experience app that connects teams, allowing them to securely share files, start conversations, manage tasks, and more—no matter where they are.

Better Communication, Better Workplace

Elevate your employee communication. Connect your workforce, inspire, include, and inform them with an app that's intuitive and easy to use.

Keep Teams Updated - Share targeted updates, news, announcements, and key information with relevant teams and departments. Gather valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Stay in the know with real time discussions

Unlock the potential of team collaboration - using discussions, start topics, engage in discussions, and start sharing valuable knowledge across teams.

Drive knowledge sharing - Initiate secure discussions with team members, organize conversations using topics, and enrich them with media, locations, @mentions, and #tags to build knowledge.

Upgrade Your Team Communication with Business Chat

Transform the way your teams communicate - use secure chat groups or chat 1-on-1, share files, videos, locations, and more, all in one modern business chat app.

Stay on top of team communication - with real-time updates and notifications, employees will never miss a beat and can respond quickly to business needs.

Get to know your teammates

Connect - use the people directory to find and connect with team members on the go, boosting relationships and communication across your workplace.

Build stronger relationships - share team member profiles in discussions and tap to start conversations and learn more about your team’s expertise.

Build a Supportive Work Culture

Encourage a healthy work culture - prioritize team well-being by inviting employees to share emotions anonymously and receive support through the app.

Stay ahead of team emotional health with real-time assessments and trend insights. Boost communication and drive progress with easy-to-use surveys and polls.

Easy Task Management On-the-Go

Effortlessly delegate tasks, anywhere and anytime for maximum efficiency. Employees can confidently manage their tasks, grasp priorities, and track progress.

Stay up-to-date on your team's progress with real-time updates. No more guesswork. Keep your team on track with friendly reminders and ensure on-time completion. Enhance task clarity and communication through task comments and instant messaging.

Workflows simplify daily operations

Equip teams with the convenience of completing digital forms and checklists on the go, from their mobile devices, for inspections, compliance, HR or requests. Make approvals a breeze with intuitive review, approval, and comment options.

Secure File Sharing and Management

Enhance employee productivity - securely access important cloud files from CentricMinds Drive on the go with mobile convenience.

Collaborate smarter - preview, share, and add comments to files with team members right from the app for better collaboration.