Connect with your remote working team

CentricMinds employee app for iOS and Android is a native app experience for your teams phone or tablet. No matter where they are, your team can tap and connect on a range of work related tasks.

Share files securely with different groups, start a conversation to encourage team collaboration, push tasks to manage assigned work and more.

Stay in the know with real time discussions

Start an open or private discussion with one or many team mates. Users can like and comment on posts, and also chat privately with other users.

The CentricMinds employee app enables users to create detailed posts of knowledge that incorporate photos, files, locations and contacts. Mention other users and add hashtags to create valuable knowledge to share with others.

Support your knowledge management tasks

The CentricMinds employee app supports the creation of rich knowledge management. Now your team members can capture photos on location, associate files with posts and also display the profile of other team members in their discussions.

Adding hashtags to posts enables users to browse collections of associated posts, allowing your team to build a valuable and personalized knowledge management tool.

Secure File Sharing and Management

Enable team members to securely browse folders and files from CentricMinds Drive natively from their iOS and Android device. Connecting CentricMinds Drive with an existing Google Drive, SharePoint or Dropbox account enables you to then share with external users via the app.

Users can preview files natively within the app, share files with other users securely via email and also comment on files for other team members to view.

Get to know your team mates

The CentricMinds employee app provides an interactive team directory in your pocket. Scroll, browse or search to discover team members. Tap to view their contact details.

Share team member profiles in your discussions with other users. Tap to view their profile and access key contact information, view their expertise, location and more.

Task automation, digital signatures and more

Create and push tasks to users on their device. Need users to complete a form when visiting a work site? How about asking managers to take photos and then sign a compliance register?

The CentricMinds employee app enables real time work automation incorporating Task and Workflow Management, File Management and digital signatures. Now you can deliver on those custom processes via phone and tablet.

More Employee App Features

The CentricMinds employee app supports effective remote team collaboration.

Web Content

Deliver web content pages that you create and manage using the CentricMinds platform, to difference audiences based on their permissions.

Internal Comms

Create and publish internal communications using the CentricMinds platform. Target groups with personalized messaging.


Now you can create and push Events to users on their device. Users can view all of their events created in CentricMinds in one location on their phone or tablet.