CentricMinds works with a range of healthcare providers in the delivery of operational, patient and compliance based content via our HIPAA-compliant cloud solution and dedicated on premise platform.

Healthcare providers need to be progressive, dynamic and utilize technology to improve patient care, administration and privacy. The industry is undergoing rapid change in the way services are accessed, delivered and managed and information management and distribution is at the heart of this transformation.

The CentricMinds Digital Workplace Intranet has been chosen within the Healthcare industry to deliver the following:

  • Capturing and storing of clinical data during patient visitation
  • Management of patient records and routing of this data via Document Workflows
  • Secure access to records by trusted third parties (both internal and external audiences) via Extranet portal
  • Analytics dashboard providing visibility into patient data workflows and access to patient documentation
  • Protected Health information (PHI), find out more about our HIPAA compliant solution.

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