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Leverage a centralized, all-in-one healthcare solution that helps you capture and store critical patient and healthcare data securely while maintaining a collaborative digital workplace.

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CentricMinds Intranet supports your teams, allowing them to focus on patient care

Take the hard work and frustration out of document management and internal communication with CentricMinds Intranet Software for Healthcare Organizations.

Keep Everybody On the Same Page

CentricMinds connects healthcare teams with user-friendly communication tools. Share information seamlessly through in-app messaging and organizational announcements.

• Seamless updates for team communication.
• Drive engagement and collaboration.
• Supportive culture for open communication.

Find the Patient Data You Need When You Need It

• Centralize healthcare data for easy organization and retrieval.
• Integrate with EHR and apps like Office 365 and Google Docs.
• Simplify data management for enhanced productivity.

CentricMinds lets you easily manage and integrate healthcare data. Centralize and access critical information while seamlessly connecting to your existing systems and applications.

Give Your Staff the Support They Need to Succeed at Work

Healthcare is a vital industry, and for those who work in it, it can be a stressful one too. Help your healthcare workers get through the day by providing access to peer support mechanisms and mentoring through built-in chat and support group hosting.

Improve healthcare operations with streamlined task management and automated processes.

CentricMinds enables healthcare organizations to easily streamline task management and automate processes. Our user-friendly intranet and employee app increase efficiency, saving time and money. Use our powerful task management tools to improve workflows and boost productivity in your healthcare organization.

  • Operational Checklists: Create task checklists for processes such as standard procedures, audits, quality control, incident reports, and attach forms. Improve consistency, reduce errors, and enhance compliance across your healthcare operations.
  • Simplified Data Collection: Use digital forms to gather information for reports like risk assessments, quality metrics, incident reports, and more. Collect precise data, minimize paperwork, and simplify data entry.
  • Intelligent Task Reminders: Set Automated task reminders to avoid delays. Improve operational efficiency and productivity by never missing a deadline or follow-up.
  • Simplify and automate healthcare tasks and workflows: Our workflow automation capabilities handle form data routing, approvals, notifications, and other tasks, removing the need for manual handoffs and time-consuming follow-ups.
  • Reporting: Create detailed reports on healthcare tasks and checklists quickly and easily. Monitor task progress, ensure checklist compliance, and analyze data to improve workflow efficiency and enhance patient care.

With the help of CentricMinds, you'll quickly find yourself with more time to focus on your patients, which results in better patient care, improved patient satisfaction, and ultimately, higher revenue.

A Comprehensive Dashboard That Tells You What You Need to Know at a Glance

Discover a comprehensive Intranet and Employee App dashboard that provides essential information to your healthcare teams at a glance. Stay connected, track engagement, and encourage peer support for better collaboration and well-being.

  • Personalized news, announcements, alerts, and tasks keep your healthcare teams connected and informed, ensuring effective communication and collaboration across your organization.
  • Increase employee engagement and support mental health with in-app assistance, creating a more caring healthcare workplace. Use polls, surveys, and emotional tracking to learn and improve well-being.
  • With simple chat and group features, you can encourage collaboration and connection among healthcare professionals. Empower those in high-stress healthcare roles by encouraging peer support through topic-specific discussions.

Encourage Collaboration Between Departments

Maintain consistency among teams, departments, and employees with effective collaboration tools let your employees maintain constant contact with each other. Whether 100% of your workers are on-site or teams working from home or on-location, CentricMinds lets you maintain communication and keep everybody in the loop via iOS, Android, and online apps.

  • Built-in chat, team messaging, and real-time notifications keep everybody on the same page.
  • Securely share files and other important data, including photos, videos, and large files, using the CentricMinds cloud-based document management system.
  • Promote a team-based environment and better employee engagement with social-style posts that include everything from hashtags to location tags to give your employees a better opportunity to get to know each other personally.

Assign Tasks, Oversee Workflows, and Enhance Productivity

CentricMinds offers an intuitive intranet and employee solution designed for healthcare organizations. Easily manage teams, assign tasks, and track progress with simplified workflow views. With CentricMinds, you can ensure efficient task execution throughout the workday.

  • Send tasks to healthcare team members and get real-time updates about progress and task completion.
  • Facilitate collaboration among employees or entire teams using built-in chat and group features.
  • Share updates, guidelines, and resources relevant to healthcare operations in an easily accessible location.
  • Keep vital forms, including infection control checklists, surgical checklists, nursing rounds checklists, and quality care checklists, in a central space that healthcare staff can access with the click of a button.

Intranet Software For Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

What should an Intranet for Community health and Hospitals include?

A hospital intranet in an important tool in any healthcare environment. It offers organizations a secure file storage option so critical documents and sensitive patient data don't need to be stored onsite. CentricMinds cloud-based hospital intranet software is hosted by Azure, which provides web-hosting, security, and simplified access to cloud-based software that easily integrates with everything your healthcare organization needs.

The interface can be accessed via the internet or smartphone app when it comes to the end user, which is yourself or your employees. That means you don't need to take up physical space storing servers and other hardware, and the risk of lost or damaged data is minimal.

What are the benefits of using CentricMinds Intranet for Healthcare?

The benefits CentricMinds Intranet Software for healthcare are extensive. They include:

  • Industry PHI and HIPAA compliance.
  • Your intranet is easy to install and configure. It's an out-of-the-box solution that requires no technical expertise to deploy effectively.
  • You can access critical data in one place, from anywhere you have an internet connection, and at any time.
  • You'll be able to secure and promote a culture focused on your staff's mental and physical health that supports quality care for all patients.
  • Built-in communication tools give your employees more opportunities to get to know their coworkers, which leads to greater employee retention.
  • You can give your staff access to peer support mechanisms and mentoring through chat and support groups.
  • Cloud-based internet is scalable, meaning it grows as your organization grows and doesn't require you to make any additional high-value investments.
  • Cloud-based storage is more secure than physical data storage solutions as it can't be physically accessed by visitors, employees, or criminals — plus, your data is encrypted and secured by experts who know the platform inside and out.

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