Content is at the heart of every business

CentricMinds Content Content allows teams to create, draft, store, search, organize, edit, share and collaborate within one platform - no matter what cloud stack you’re already working with. Organizations now seek enterprise content management tools for their own cloud. Allowing teams to connect third party content and services and manage them in one location. 
Intranet Software

Intranet Software

CentricMinds Intranet does more than just improve communications. It brings the power of productivity to your business. It’s a single place to help everyone find the information and people they need to get work done. 

Productivity meets Intranet - this is where teamwork happens

Where home is

Your modern Intranet for employees allows them to find the right info, in seconds, from anywhere. Easy to navigate, easy to author. 

Everything in one place

No more digging through folders and emails. Centralize your resources for web content publishing, employee onboarding, health and safety information, manuals and procedures, HR docs, and everything else.

Keep every file up to date

Your files evolve as time goes on. Share them internally, and decide who can access externally and securely. Synchronize with your existing Google Workspace, Office 365, OneDrive and Dropbox. No matter where files live or how they change, they’re always available to your target audience.

Keep every file up to date

Your files evolve as time goes on. Share them internally, and decide who can access externally and securely. Synchronize with your existing Google Workspace, Office 365, OneDrive and Dropbox. No matter where files live or how they change, they’re always available to your target audience.

Dive into analytics

Love data? Who doesn’t. Monitor Intranet & Internet performance with the CentricMinds Analytics Dashboard. Configure filters to create custom reports covered web content publish, usage, forms, workflows, tasks and W3C compliance. CentricMinds also provide integration with Google Analytics.

Client portals your way

Click and launch an Extranet from within your Intranet. Configure client portals with zero technical skills or development knowledge. Share externally with customers, suppliers, partners, and more - each provided with their own personalized portal. A secure access point to share files, forms, discussions, and more.

File Sharing & Management

CentricMinds Drive is a document management system that offers you secure file management and file sharing solution, all within your own cloud.

Drag and drop or sync files from your existing cloud apps, and manage them securely.

File Sharing & Management

Manage, find & share files faster

Share your way

Share file or folders publicly or securely with authenticated employees, or groups externally. View the activity on how files, forms and tasks are completed by users.

Protecting your IP

Granular access controls mean files stay out of the wrong hands. Set up access expiration, view or edit, protect files with passwords, or see if links to files have been forwarded.

Folders, tags, tabs, and more

The file management system that is streaks ahead of File Explorer and Finder. Manage folders, define security, add tags, share with other employees, share externally and more.

Version control - all the history you need

Need to ‘redo’ a previous version of a file? No drama here. Check out what was changed, and when. You got it. Rollback, restore from a previous version and even compare edits made to files using side by side comparison.

All on your phone

No need to head back to the office or drag out the laptop while on the go. Open your phone to browse, view, download for offline use and share all from the CentricMinds iOS and Android app.

Stop Collaborating All Over The Place

Bring your content and files together with CentricMinds Drive, and your teams can collaborate in one place. It's secure, simple, and smart.
Employee App

Employee App

CentricMinds employee app enables organizations to connect with their teams for real time chat, file sharing, task automation and more.

Employee App for getting work done

Mobile first

No laptop? No desktop? No problem. The CentricMinds employee app for iOS and Android enables employees get access to the full CentricMinds Content Cloud, all from their mobile. 

Your app, wherever your employees are

People are mobile - so your company data should be too. A dedicated mobile app allows employees to connect to resources wherever and whenever - on-site, at home, in the field, or on secondment.

Dedicated app experience

A sleek employee app for maximum usability. Let’s face it - browser-based apps just look bad on mobile. Our app is beautiful, with easy navigation, on iOS and Android. It’s all about enabling and empowering your employees in their personal development journey.

Notifications for those essential moments

Sometimes you need to alert employees instantly. Maybe it’s an urgent shift to fill, an OH&S incident, or a task that needs their action. With push notifications on the CentricMinds mobile app (and browser), you can alert users, groups, or the entire company through timely push notifications.

iOS and Android

No matter which OS; your own fleet of devices, or BYOD, the CentricMinds employee app is available natively on iOS and Android, mobile or tablet. Grab it now from the App Store or Google Play.

Internal Comms

Use internal comms to get important updates to the right people instantly. 

Enable employees to engage with rich media comms. Forget the stale email, and create more engaging employee destinations

Internal Comms Software

Create great communication and engage with everybody

Target to reach the right people

Not all news is relevant for everyone. Target your internal comms to user groups like geolocation, management, department, and more - or add individuals and deliver personalised user experiences.

Push notifications for critical updates

Basement flooded? Health and safety hazard? Send push notifications to employees browser and mobile for the most critical updates. Let people know instantly, when they need to know.

Design eye-catching comms

Who needs a designer? Anyone can publish comms and manage media through scaling and cropping. There are even tools for creating simple artwork to congratulate individuals, promote a new product and a whole lot more. Drag and drop to get it done.

Workflow & Forms Management

Workflow & Forms Management

Business automation from start to finish with pre-built workflow templates that can be customized or built from scratch. From forms to notifications, track requests and work approvals in one central place with CentricMinds.

Streamlines requests and approvals

Custom digital forms

Create custom digital forms in minutes with a drag and drag form designer. It’s easy for anyone to build a form and publish it to the CentricMinds Content Cloud. Create multi-part forms with multiple screens, collect native digital signatures for that ultimate user experience. 

Automate form approvals

Automatically send completed forms to the right people for digital signing or approval. Or set workflow triggers to auto-approve correctly filled-out forms or those that meet your criteria. That way, only forms that need attention will be flagged for you saving you time and effort.

Automate like a techie

Forms and workflow make it easy to create a process that does all the hard work for you, so you don't have to do all the boring stuff. It can handle everything from logging, capturing data, validating records, and even sending out emails—all in a way that makes sense for your business.

Create repeatable workflows for customers

You can serve external customers and partners more efficiently with customer portals, digital forms, and workflow approval processes. Jobs and requests run smoothly and on time, without ever losing info along the way. Boost customer satisfaction and turnaround.

Collect info on the go

Mobile forms and workflows help you capture information on the go. Field employees can use forms to enter job info, and capture images.  No internet no problem. Use offline mode – complete forms offline, sync, and share with the head office when you're back online.

Centralized form management and results

Create online form templates for every aspect of your business. Manage forms and results in one place – making it easy to create, edit and share forms with other team members. Analyze and visualize data with real-time reporting and know your data is secretly stored in the cloud.

Are you still using email to get work done?

CentricMinds provides teams with workflow tools so you can automate any business process, from requests and approvals to reviews.

Digital Experience Platform

CentricMinds is a Digital Experience Platform specializing in Audience Engagement, Personalization, Workflow optimization, and Data Analytics. Our platform delivers an experience your audiences will love. 

Digital Experience Platform

Make digital experiences that engage

No tech knowledge needed

Whether it’s info hunting, training, or publishing, our Digital Experience Platform is made for every user. Simple to navigate, intuitive, and clean - employees (and your clients) will love it.

Personalized experience

100% relevancy. Get the right information to the right people at the right time. Make it personalized by user, group, department, client, contact history, season, or location.

Analytics on drive engagement

Create custom data models that fit your organisation. Organise files by project, category, area, and more. Create the tags you need for an organised workplace. Powerful indexing for fast search.

Targeted content

Reach the right audiences with the right content. All the information they need - and none of the bits they don’t. Save the information overload.

Learn from audience data

Segment to find out what works for which audiences. Craft the digital experience that will resonate most - and be the most useful - to different audiences. Rinse, repeat to build spaces they love

Powerful system for enterprise solutions with multisite authoring. Pulling content into pages through dynamic keyword and metadata association allows us to add and remove content on a schedule which is beneficial from a marketing perspective where campaigns go live during non-standard working hours.
Administrator in Consumer Services
Intranet for Google Workspace

Intranet for Google Workspace

Bring conversations, corporate communication, knowledge, tasks, and Google content and documents together in your Intranet. The only Intranet you need for your Google Workspace.

Reach Everyone. Work Together.

Google-based business? 

Run your workplace with Google? No dramas. Connect with Google Workspace to supercharge your existing content. Sync with Drive, add tags to your Google content and more. Full integration ensures you keep working with Google Workspace, now with the ability to build rich content user experiences for both internal and external audiences.

The extra layer to connect the dots

Google Workspace is great for scaling. But each app is standalone - leading to constant context switching. CentricMinds Content Cloud lets you have a single jump off point to access and easily find everything from Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google People Directory.

Leverage Google Workspace

Room to grow. Leverage your investment with Google Workspace by keeping it at the heart of your operations. Build beautiful workspaces for simple navigation, discovery, and interaction with Google apps at the core.

Intranet for Office 365

Native integration with Office 365 lets you add and edit documents and share them from your cloud without leaving CentricMinds.

It's your secure single source of truth for all of your files—so teams can stay organized and focused on the task at hand!

Intranet for Google Workspace

Access in one place

Automate document approval

CentricMinds content cloud workflows let you automate approval processes. Route documents for approval before they are sent to customers, or use them to ensure all documents are consistent and up to date.

Working with Outlook

CentricMinds Content Cloud is a great way to collaborate with your colleagues. You can securely attach files that you have permission to from CentricMinds Content Cloud to email. You can work from any device, and your content is always available.

Find all your Content

CentricMinds Content Cloud lets you create custom tags so you can categorize your files and quickly find them. With our tag-based search, you can filter and sort your files by their category, allowing you to get back to work faster with less effort.

Intranet for Google Workspace

Extranet Portal

Connect with external audiences. Enable your customers, suppliers and contractors to securely access documents, discussions and more.

Set up your client or partner portals in minutes

Custom User Experiences

Create custom user experiences when different suppliers, partners and customers access your Extranet deployed and managed using CentricMinds.

Personalized Branding

Augment the user interface to display third-party branding, present custom reports, personalized documents, forms, discussion boards and more.

Easily launch secure portals for clients or partners

You want to provide a way for your customers, partners, and clients to make requests, share files, or sign forms such as NDAs. CentricMinds software is easy to use.

CentricMinds connect with clients

CentricMinds enables you to create secure portals for sharing files, forms with digital signatures and more with your customers and partners.

Digital Asset Management Software

CentricMinds Digital Asset Management enables you to capture, store, tag and manage all of your marketing communication content – from one secure location.

Digital Asset Management Software

Store, share and manage in a single place

Every resource, exactly where you need it

A Digital Asset Management system that just works. Never again go hunting for the right version. Locate the media you need in an instant.

Single source of truth

Eliminate duplicates. Confidently find and share the right file, every time.

Data models your way

Create custom data models that fit your organisation. Organise files by project, category, area, and more. Create the tags you need for an organised workplace. Powerful indexing for fast search.

No limits

From documents, to CAD files, video file formats and more. Store any file type without limits. Always retrievable, from anywhere, on any device.

Customizable interface

Want a more branded experience? Use custom HTML/CSS and scripting to create the perfect interface for your business.


Sync across Google Workspace, Office 365, and Dropbox

Wherever your files and folders live, we’ve got you. Integrate with the world’s leading file management platforms without the need to roll over your data. Sync to Google Workspace, Office 365 and Dropbox, unifying files and documents wherever they live.

Go from SharePoint to CentricMinds

Want to migrate from SharePoint? Quickly connect your SharePoint to CentricMinds to move your resources to a more modern content management platform and publish directly from the CentricMinds Content Cloud.

The world’s your oyster. Integrate external SaaS solutions through Zapier

Data in external systems? No problem. Use Zapier to create notifications within CentricMinds for a given user. Or, trigger new user creation in other apps when onboarding with CentricMinds. Connect to apps like Slack, Salesforce, BambooHR, Dropbox and thousands more.