Your content is now everywhere. Website, Intranet, Social Media, Supplier Extranet – that Dropbox account Mary setup before she left. It’s out there. CentricMinds Digital Asset Management enables you to capture, store, tag and manage all of your marketing communication content – from one secure location.
CentricMinds Digital Asset Management Software

Create and manage asset libraries

Using the powerful enterprise content management tools of CentricMinds, your team can manage simple or complex collections of assets through tagging, file types and templates. Search across your assets and preview directly inside your browser.

Control access and usage rights

Create groups and users and permit access to brand folders or individual files. Safeguard the use of your brand across channels based on access rights that you provide to others. Control access to asset types and sizes and apply expiry on sharing sessions.

CentricMinds Digital Asset Management Software
CentricMinds CentricMinds Digital Asset Management Software

Download files in the preferred format

CentricMinds Digital Asset Management helps to guarantee your brand is represented consistently across all of your digital points of presence. Ensure your team, and external partners access recommended file sizes and formats for use within the correct channels.

Store assets and share and manage in a single place

CentricMinds assets live in a single place. Files are stored in an organized space in folders with tags, tabs and views for cloud content. Making it easier to get a full picture so everyone can see everything they need at a glance.

File Sharing & Management

CentricMinds Drive saves us so much time! It cuts out all steps it used to take finding and collecting files for our audit. CentricMinds Drive gives us a central place to store our valuable knowledge.

Improved user experiences
Efficient, accurate and easy to use
Head of Operations in HealthCare
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Team Communications

CentricMinds Workspace improved our productivity and communications. We transformed the way team members published operational content to selected audiences.

Boast team communication and collaboration
Reduce the complexity of publishing content
Process Store Support Manager
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High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.

G2 High Performer Fall 2023
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Spring 2023