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Virtus Health (ASX: VRT)

Virtus Health (ASX: VRT) is a leading Assisted Reproductive Services provider across Australia and Ireland, with a growing market share in the UK, Singapore, and Denmark. Specializing in Fertility Clinics and Treatments, Virtus Health presents over 100 of the world’s leading fertility specialists supported by more than 1100 professional employees. Virtus Health is one of the most successful medical collaborations internationally bringing together leading clinicians, scientists, researchers, and support teams to provide the very best in fertility care and related specialised diagnostics and day hospital services.

Virtus Health (ASX: VRT)

The Challenge

A better way to organize, personalize and manage documents across multiple geographic locations and departments

Virtus Health required a secure and central Document Management System that allowed access to organizational-wide information, including documents targeted specifically for each geographic location or department. Getting the most up-to-date version of each document was a key challenge with existing systems.

The Solution

Easy to Use Document Management

The CentricMinds Intranet software was deployed allowing Virtus Health employees  to easily access relevant business documentation in the one spot, on the Intranet, with simple upload and download capability.

Personalization at  Location and Department level

Virtus Health required  some content (such as policies, procedures, and operational documents) to be available across the whole organization. Additionally they wanted to  control secure access to shared documents based on department or location.  

Advanced Search and Filtering

The Intranet has an advanced search function so now the entire organization, can search across content, including both Word and PDF documents, with options including filter by location or date.

Workflow Rules based on Location

We set up systems to trigger specific workflows, based on document tagging (Metadata). For instance, all documents uploaded and tagged as Queensland are automatically sent to the Queensland Quality Manager for approval to ensure they are relevant to the location.

Clear Version History

Each document in the system is always the most up to date version of the file.

Always have a file’s version number, author and date available

Within the Document Management System, users can view files or download. Each option includes injecting a footer that includes the file’s version number, author, and date of publishing.

Downloading a document ensures version number is clear and visible

When a document is downloaded by a user, the version number is automatically attached to the end of a file’s name, ensuring a user can track files easily.

The Results

Organized and secure document management with clear version history

Virtus Health now has a powerful and easy to use document management system with built-in security available within their intranet. Documents may now be managed at the organization level, as well as by location or department, as well as easily searchable. Management of evolving documents is more traceable with in-built version history.

"CentricMinds provided an enhanced Intranet experience by offering targeted content to targeted teams in different locations with a powerful document management system that allows teams to access the latest version of files, without risk of duplication. This guarantees that every team is exposed to the information that is most relevant to their role, hence increasing employee engagement and productivity."


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