Enterprise Search

The native search solution provides full document, media and web content indexing.

Enterprise Search

At the heart of CentricMinds is a powerful database independent search.

The search provides full document, media and web content indexing and searching. Users can perform site wide or discrete searching across all content stored in the Document Management repository.

Some of the search features include the following:


  • Search by keywords or phrase, e.g. 'Work Safety Policy'
  • Search on specific fields (e.g. author, date created / modified, document type, metadata etc.)
  • Exact phase, Boolean and Wildcard searching


  • Filtering of results by any metadata element (including display of result counts for each)
  • Date range filtering
  • Stop words and noise words administration

Sorting / Ordering

  • Ordering by rank / relevance, title, data created / modified)
  • Relevance ranking score for each returned results (e.g. 25%, 18%, 7%)


  • Flexibility of configuring what is displayed for each search result (which could vary depending on document type and/or metadata)
  • Highlighting of found terms within documents (MS Office & PDF documents) and web content
  • A range of different types of searches can be configured in CentricMinds, each providing a difference set of functionality and search scope

CentricMinds supports defining view and/or author permissions across document, media and web content. This includes the flexibility of also defining permissions across collections or folders of documents / media. The search supports these permissions; only returning results for which the user has the appropriate access.

Packed with extra features

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