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See who's visiting your Intranet, where they're from, and how long they've stayed on with the CentricMinds intranet analytics dashboard. This powerful tool gathers data from Google Analytics and integrates it with an all-in-one productivity solution that helps you and your team view analytics, make decisions, and take action without navigating elsewhere.

Intranet Analytics

Discover the pages on your intranet that get the most hits and keep your site visitors online and engaged.

Identify areas of your intranet that your employees are most frequently clicking off of and learn what pages might need improvement.

Work toward higher employee engagement levels with insightful analytics intranet data.

Better Intranet Analytics for Informed Decisions

Better Intranet Analytics for Informed Decisions

CentricMinds Intranet Analytics Dashboard enables you to improve engagement and employee satisfaction by understanding how people interact with your organization's intranet. The dashboard is simple to use, easy to access, and customizable.

Precise Reporting

CentricMinds Intranet Analytics software utilizes one of the most accurate tools there is to give you the intranet usage data you need. With precise calculations in real-time, you'll always have a deeper insight into how well your intranet performs and meets employee expectations.

Dynamic Charting and Visuals

View the data you need without clicking through page after page of numbers and calculations. Instead of your typical analytics report, CentricMinds gives you visuals that help you understand exactly what you need to know about your intranet.

Easy to Install. Easy to Use.

Unlike complicated employee productivity platforms, CentricMinds is easy to install, even if you have little technical experience. Simply purchase and go, and in no time at all, you'll be automating complicated tasks, assigning workflows, and viewing the data you need to learn more about how your employees are using the company intranet.

Google Analytics

CentricMinds supports the use of Google Analytics to track visitor usage across your Internet and Intranet sites. Analytics provide valuable insight and understanding into how your site is being used which supports measured decision-making and where improvements can be made.

User Experience Insights

At its simplest, Google Analytics allows you to track page visits and paths users take through your site, but so much more is possible. Using advanced Google Analytics integration, CentricMinds is also able to track user actions covering web page and document interactions, form and workflow processes. Your Intranet benefits from knowing how users are engaged.

User Journeys

Administrators can deep dive into content analysis and identify content usage, performance and access.
Administrators can deep dive into content analysis and identify content usage, performance and access.

Insights such as which areas of the Intranet are popular and how users get to these sections - do they always start on the homepage, or are they following links from within emails - provide valuable data for ensuring your site remains relevant and adds value.

Metrics and Optimization

The performance tools enable administrators to tune content for accessibility, best practice and SEO when publishing content externally.
The performance tools enable administrators to tune content for accessibility, best practice and SEO when publishing content externally.

CentricMinds Intranet analytics and metrics will help you understand the level of engagement of your employees as well as optimise the use of the Intranet in order to get the most benefits out of it. Analytics will help you answer some of these questions:

  • Are team members increasing their usage of the Intranet?
  • Is the mobile app being used?
  • What pages or features are the most engaging?
  • How many pageviews, sessions, average time is being spent on the Intranet?

Optimize Your Company Intranet

Gain valuable insight into how your employees interact with your internal intranet sites the platform. in general. Using Google Analytics, CentricMinds helps you better understand user engagement and which tools are providing your team with the most benefit; You'll also have a better understanding of where there might be room for improvement.

  • Track page visits and paths to see how often users visit your employee intranet and what they do when they log on.
  • See which documents and files your team is interacting with most.
  • Learn which workflow processes are being utilized, which aren't, and whether there's a need for additional automations.

Metrics and User Journeys At a Glance

View dynamic charts and graphics to understand better content usage, performance, and access among your staff. Identify how users access the files they use and how you can improve their journey to increase overall productivity.

  • View CentricMinds Intranet Analytics charts and reports to find out how engaged your employees are with your internal intranet.
  • See important usage metrics, including page views, sessions, average time online, and user journeys or paths.
  • Find out if employees are accessing your intranet at work or from home and whether they're logging on via PC or mobile.

Ensure a Better Experience for Your Team

At its core, CentricMinds is a platform that enhances the employee experience. It incorporates various useful tools that help executives, company owners, managers, and staff better collaborate on tasks and projects, maintain a centralized directory of files, and build morale through workplace socialization.

  • Help your team become more productive by providing them with an all-in-one centralized solution to file management and document control, file sharing, internal communications, management, and workflow automation.
  • Build a comprehensive team directory and internal social platform with employee profile photos, hashtags, location tags, and a detailed team member search directory that enables search by name, department, experience level, specializations, and more.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with simplified task management built into the CentricMinds intranet platform.
  • Use analytics to determine which of these tools are used most by your team and where opportunities for education or improvement to your intranet might exist.
  • Broadcast company news, blog post announcements, and other important information to the team using CentricMinds' simple drag-and-drop messaging interface.

Access Your Intranet Analytics From Anywhere

CentricMinds enables users to access the platform from anywhere in the world with a stable WiFi or mobile connection. Whether traveling for work or checking in from home on a sick day, you'll be able to access your intranet analytics and other CentricMinds features via PC, iOS, or Android app.

  • Native mobile app allows you and your team to check in while you're working on the go.
  • CentricMinds is accessible worldwide, ensuring reliable access to important work documents no matter where you work.
  • Maintain a hybrid or remote office more easily.

Keep Your Files Safe in the Cloud

CentricMinds offers cloud-based file storage, which means your intranet analytics, sensitive staff information, client files, and stored documents or files are safe. Document and file storage on CentricMinds is hosted within your own private cloud from a provider such as Amazon Web Services, which means there's no need for server storage or an in-house IT professional.

  • Files are stored in your own private cloud, so they won't be vulnerable to other cloud users who don't work with you.
  • Document storage costs are dramatically reduced with cloud storage, as it negates the need for in-house services and their associated overhead costs.

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