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CentricMinds Intranet does more than just improve communications. It brings the power of productivity to your business. It’s a single place to help everyone find the information and people they need to get work done. Store & share files, automate tasks and workflows, simplify processes and create a happier employee experience for everyone.

Want an Intranet platform that works hard for you?

Nobody wants a static intranet full of PDF’s from 4 years ago. Why not use an Intranet Solution that actually helps teams take action and get work done. Enter CentricMinds Intranet.

Using Google Workspace, but how can you do all this?

Share announcements, connect employees with posts, onboard new team members, sync Google Drive folders, automate manual processes, add tasks, and locate experts across your company in a single hub that connects to Google Workspace. Do all this plus more with CentricMinds Intranet.

Can't find important files to share with your team? Don't know where to look? Say yes to no more searching.

How do you get everyone to communicate effectively and get better visibility across files, documents, and accomplishments? CentricMinds Intranet does all of that for you but in a single place for your whole team to access.

Do inefficient repetitive paper processes slow you down? Automation gets you up to speed.

Working with paper forms, email and documents? Automate your office workflows, save time, eliminate errors, reduce expenses and improve visibility across processes — CentricMinds Intranet is an all-in-one work platform.

CentricMinds Intranet is built to solve business problems other Intranet platforms overlook

Automation, file sharing, communication — they all connect the dots between your employees' work and your business goals. CentricMinds does it all in one place — your Intranet.

Unify all of your files and cloud content. Easily manage, find and share files.

No matter what teams work on, CentricMinds Intranet is the place to store, access, and share all your files, documents, images, and videos securely. Sync Google Drive or Dropbox, or Microsoft 365. Search across everything from desktop to mobile. Find what you need - it’s never been easier!

Put an end to repetitive, manual paper tasks and automate them with CentricMinds Intranet. Say G’day to no code automation for everyone.

From marketing to finance, sales to service, and everyone in between, every role will find new, easy ways to automate repetitive manual tasks with forms, workflows, and automatic notifications to get more done faster. Best of all, CentricMinds Intranet makes it incredibly simple with no code.

Improve communications with CentricMinds Intranet. Give everyone a place to speak their mind, share and bond together.

Real-time discussions keep everyone on the same page with CentricMinds Intranet. Create and share announcements, news, and events. Exchange ideas and team knowledge with wikis. Send and receive important reminders with alerts so no one misses out.

Stay in touch, work together and be more productive — with CentricMinds Employee App.

Coordinate effectively, get feedback from your team on the go. Set up and assign tasks, get instant alerts on task progress, time tracked, and more. Keep remote teams connected with real-time discussions, tasks, file sharing, and notifications.

Integrate or Sync. Your choice.

CentricMinds Cloud Intranet gives you integrated access to the rest of your apps. Syncing with Google Workspace, Office 365, Dropbox, DocuSign, and integrations with over 2000 apps using Zapier, your data will move and connect the way you want it to.

Finally, an Intranet that does more...

The best work teams communicate openly and often, coordinate efforts, and set common goals. That’s where CentricMinds Intranet Software can help. Bring your tasks, files, communication, forms, and workflow automation in one single place. It’s packed full of out-of-the-box features designed to simplify and automate work. It’s more than just a communication tool. CentricMinds is the best Intranet platform to get work done and connect everyone.

Paper forms slow you down. Over 1000+ hours saved in admin time.

Automate your manual and paper-based processes like never before with CentricMinds Intranet. Our customers recover over 1,000 hours in reduced administrative time.

File Sharing & Management

CentricMinds Drive saves us so much time! It cuts out all steps it used to take finding and collecting files for our audit. CentricMinds Drive gives us a central place to store our valuable knowledge.

Improved user experiences
Efficient, accurate and easy to use
Head of Operations in HealthCare
Read Sonic HealthPlus use case

Team Communications

CentricMinds Workspace improved our productivity and communications. We transformed the way team members published operational content to selected audiences.

Boast team communication and collaboration
Reduce the complexity of publishing content
Process Store Support Manager
Read KiT. Kmart's Intranet use case

High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.

G2 High Performer Mid-Market Winter 2022
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Winter 2022

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