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Modern Intranet Software. Click to customize your templates.

Watch your company engagement pop with a modern Intranet Solution. Select a template from the library and customize your employee experience.
Customizable Intranet Templates
Customizable Intranet Templates
Customizable Intranet Templates
Customizable Intranet Templates

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Team Communication

Effortless Employee Communication Flow

Fuel your team communication and inspire a thriving company culture with our Intranet software.

Intranet Mobile App Internal Comms
Intranet Team Directory

EMPLOYEE engagement

Activate Employee Involvement with these Intranet features

Empower your workforce with a strong sense of belonging and voice.

 Employee app

A modern app experience for your team

Give your Remote and Frontline Employees a beautifully branded app experience that will improve engagement.

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Intranet Mobile App Communications
Intranet Mobile App Task Management

task Management

Centralized Project Management  

  • Easily plan and organize tasks with a centralized system.
  • Optimize team connectivity with progress tracking and checklists.
  • Accelerate project completion with instant progress updates all from our Intranet App.

Forms & Workflows

Boost business ops with Digital Forms & Workflows

Accelerate your operations with digital Forms and Workflows, empower your on-the-go teams with quick and easy data collection, all through our Intranet software.

  • Make your business processes more efficient with digital forms.
  • Allow people to complete form processes from anywhere.
  • Power up your form handling with automatic workflows.
Intranet Automate Workflows

Document & File Collaboration

All your content in one home

Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues on all your documents and content from a central hub using our powerful Intranet platform.
Intranet Documents and File Management

Unified Cloud Access

Access all your cloud files from different sources with ease in one searchable location.

Sync from one place

Keep your teams in sync with files that update in real-time across Intranet pages.

Instant Team Collaboration

Boost teamwork productivity with one-click file sharing across chat, tasks, and workflows.

Document & File Collaboration

Transform Your Workplace With Our Advanced Intranet Features

Intranet Employee Onboarding

A Tailored Onboarding Experience

Give your new starters the right impression about your business and brand with a personalized onboarding experience using our intranet platform.

Intranet Knowledge Base

Develop Your Team's Genius with a Collaborative Knowledge Base

Tap into your team's collective wisdom with our Intranet platform's collaborative knowledge base. It's where everyone can contribute!

Intranet Client Experience

Skip the Inbox for a Smarter Client Experience

Effortlessly create and manage client management portals with our intuitive Intranet software. Provide your clients with seamless access to everything they need in one place, from chat and work requests to documents and contract signatures.

Intranet Employee OnboardingIntranet Knowledge BaseIntranet Client Experience
Social Intranet App

Easy to Use

Chat With Your Team & Join the Conversation

  • Easy Intranet adoption with intuitive features and familiar social tools.
  • Promotes employee-generated content and social collaboration for a positive company culture.
  • Streamline communication across departments and teams with chat, discussion groups, and reactions.


A world where apps play nice together

That's what the world needs right now. Integrate with the apps you use without even thinking about it.

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