Intranet Software For Mid Size Businesses

Power your team and streamline tasks with the help of CentricMinds Intranet Software, an all-in-one business collaboration solution for mid-size businesses. Maintain solid communication between teams, manage projects and workflows and store and share files in a single place.

An All-in-One Intranet Solution For Mid-Size Businesses

Increase productivity with task automation

Forms, emails and documents can slow you and your team down, especially when errors arise. Reduce costs and let your employees focus on the job you've hired them to do by automating repetitive tasks with CentricMinds Intranet Software.

Make sure your employees stay in the loop

Send announcements, check in with teammates, and store vital tasks and schedule information in one central place with Google Workspace integration. Make sure every team member has access to the information they need to remain successful with CentricMinds Intranet.

Stop searching for important files and documents

Store the data you need at your fingertips with CentricMinds Intranet. With enhanced visibility and an extensive cloud-storage solution, you and your employees will never find yourself hunting down that important document again. Because CentricMinds Intranet is cloud-based, you can access your files anytime on desktop or mobile devices.

An Out-of-the-Box Solution That Doesn't Require IT Expertise

Tired of hiring IT experts to manage complicated software solutions for your company? Do you struggle with juggling many programs designed to handle different aspects of collaboration or project management? If so, CentricMinds Intranet is the solution you've been waiting for. 

CentricMinds intranet is user-friendly, easy to set up, and easy to navigate. Whether you're an IT expert or an IT newbie, you'll be impressed by how simple we've made the setup process. You'll be able to deploy this solution within your infrastructure or scale your business.

Simple, No-Code Automation

If you're not in IT or software development, the thought of using software to automate workflow processes might sound intimidating. But with CentricMinds Intranet, you'll be able to easily automate processes that take up excessive amounts of your or your employees' time. 

Imagine a workday without repetitive tasks like forms, paperwork, and calculations. With CentricMinds Intranet, this vision can become your reality.

  • Automate workflows, schedules, task assignments, and the form management. 
  • Set custom parameters to automatically authorize employee, vendor, and client requests.
  • Take menial tasks off your plate and put more time into your day to focus on what's important—helping your team and your business succeed.

Centralized Documentation and File Syncing

Gone are the days of spending minutes, or even hours, searching for an important document or folder. With CentricMinds, your files and folders are all accessible in one single interface, giving you the option to organize files and search by date, file name, or user.

  • Easily sync Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft 365 to ensure legacy data remains accessible to you and your team.
  • Access all your files, documents, images, and videos via the CentricMinds platform, regardless of when or how they were originally created and stored.

Communicate With Your Team in Real Time

Remote and hybrid work environments frequently struggle when it comes to building connections with their team members. Whether you have fewer than 100 employees or several hundred, it's important to ensure everyone is on the look regarding corporate news, project developments, and other important news.

  • Send out company-wide notices, team updates, or private messages to individual employees.
  • Keep teammates, coworkers, or the entire organization in the loop about tasks and other developments with a social media-style platform complete with status updates and team-building communication options.

Improved Team Collaboration

Collaboration is everything in a business environment. With the multitude of tools out there to keep you and your employees in the loop, teamwork can become a puzzle that feels almost unsolvable.

Whether using tools like Slack and Google Workspace for project collaboration or on the hunt for your first collaboration tool, CentricMinds Intranet has options.

  • Integrate common workplace tools like Salesforce, DocuSign, Adobe, Zapier, Slack, Google Drive, or Google Workspace and access your files, folders, and chats within the CentricMinds interface.
  • Sync your data with CentricMinds and switch your teams completely to our built-in, out-of-the-box collaboration tools for a more unified approach to team collaboration.
  • Use CentricMinds to track task progress, monitor your project and meeting schedules, and share images, documents, and files with selected team members.
  • Help employees get to know each other better using the CentricMinds team directory with customizable profiles that allow your employees to add expertise, pronouns, past projects, onsite hours, and fun facts about hobbies, preferences, and more.
  • Search your employee directory by expertise, project, hours, and more.

Drag-and-Drop Customization

Whether you're designing email templates or keeping your workplace tools on-brand, CentricMinds Intranet has everything you need to build customized, dynamic designs.

  • Upload your logos and other images to one of CentricMinds' pre-designed templates.
  • Choose from our many designs and stock photos when designing colorful communications to send internally.
  • Design eye-catching communications that gain engagement from employees and other intended recipients with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Distribute emails within minutes using CentricMinds Intranet software.
  • Use communications tools to send out important announcements, share and manage files, or update teammates on project progress.

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