About Us

Hey! We’re CentricMinds

We develop collaboration software that unites people, content and process to get work done.

From Healthcare Professionals to Retail Managers, and from Volunteer Fire Fighters to Building Engineers, teams around the world rely on CentricMinds to connect people with process and move their operations to the next level.

G2 High Performer Fall 2023
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Spring 2023

Our Story

CentricMinds was founded to create collaboration software that simplifies the complexities inherent with Content and Document Management.

We’ve worked with more than 500 customers across SMB, Enterprise and Government to solve communication, content management and workflow process challenges.

But we’re just getting started 

Our vision is to connect the dots between content, people, and business processes and capture insights that drive more intelligent business decisions. When people have access to the right information and each other, we believe they can tap into that data and make more impactful choices and actions that deliver value.

CentricMinds is a privately owned Australian company with teams based in Australia, the US, and New Zealand.

CentricMinds is trusted by forward-thinking businesses of all sizes and industries

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Our Values


We work with integrity in everything we do. We discuss options with our customers with openness and we work in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner.


Our goal is to make reliable, secure products that scale so our customers can focus more on the success of their work without worrying about the technology itself.


We pride ourselves on exceptional service that exceeds our customers' expectations. We're committed to working together with our customers to help them solve problems and turn challenges into opportunities.


We're passionate about achieving successful outcomes for customers. We live and breathe product design that unites teams, content and processes in highly efficient ways to get work done. Ensuring customers have a positive experience drives everything we do.

Our Customers

We’ve been fortunate to work with customers, small and very large, across all industry verticals to deliver successful Intranet, Extranet and Document Management solutions using the CentricMinds technology. Our platform is customizable to meet your discrete requirements.

Customer Testimonials

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers. CentricMinds is changing the way teams communicate internally and externally.

High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.

G2 High Performer Fall 2023
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Spring 2023