CentricMinds launches
New Dialogue

A private AI for your team

New Dialogue is an Open-source based GPT designed to work for you. Publish your document collection and chat with your content. Extend New Dialogue to your Intranet or Website.

There's a better way
to connect at work

A better way to work, collaborate & communicate

CentricMinds is a modern Intranet, Extranet & Website management platform connecting your team across desktop and mobile.

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Simplify task management, foster collaboration, enhance communication, and drive employee engagement with CentricMinds' products: employee app, intranet, document management, and tasks.

Employee App

Deliver Great Workplace Culture, Wherever Your People Work From

Connect your people, boost satisfaction, inspire motivation through recognition and engagement, regardless of where they work.

Activate Employee Involvement
Centralize all your work

Maximum Efficiency

Streamline Your Work, Make It Happen

Effortlessly chat, share files, manage tasks, and take back time by automating routine operational processes with CentricMinds.

Modern Intranet

The Heartbeat of Your Workplace

CentricMinds Intranet is the heartbeat of your workplace. It keeps your teams connected, efficient, and engaged.

CentricMinds Modern Intranet

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Get Smart with CentricMinds Analytics

Access real-time data for optimizing processes, tracking task progress, and making well-informed decisions. Plus, stay in tune with engagement and sentiment trends.


Simplify Your Work, All in One Place

CentricMinds is your one-stop solution for streamlined work, from task management and document handling to enhanced employee engagement.
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