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CentricMinds is a Digital Experience Platform specializing in Audience Engagement, Personalization, Workflow optimization, and Data Analytics. Our platform delivers an experience your audiences will love. At CentricMinds, we know that being responsive is not just the starting point – it’s EVERYTHING.
CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform

CentricMinds – Built for Digital Experiences

CentricMinds CMS is at the heart of the Digital Experience Platform. Create and deliver content and experiences that stand out, scale to meet customer demands, and share information quickly and easily across channels and apps.

Effortlessly manage your content

CentricMinds (CMS) empowers you to create, edit, manage, and publish all of your digital content, across all channels, in one place. Using codeless tools designed for non-technical people that want to create great experiences the easy way.

Draft to publish - Content confidence

Content staging is easy. You have complete control over your content from the first draft to publishing your final content. Create and edit content instantly on the page, so you always see exactly what your audiences will see.

Digital asset management

All of your key content - videos, audio files, images, text - is stored in one location tagged and searchable for easy access at all times. A single source of truth for all of your media assets with no duplication — accelerate your workflow.

Deliver great experiences beyond marketing

Create marketing lead and support portals for franchisees and partners or deliver vendor portals to manage relationships. Save time. Build, deploy, scale high-performing digital engagement experiences fast.

Responsive Multi-Site Management

CentricMinds CMS is a powerful multi-site, multi-user solution for creating and managing websites and microsites. A fully responsive framework design ensures that your pages are mobile-optimized. Now manage multiple sites as if you were managing only one!


Completely version-controlled – lets you track all of your organization's content. With track changes, version control, and revert features, you can easily travel backward or forward in time with ease.

Powerful system for enterprise solutions with multisite authoring. Pulling content into pages through dynamic keyword and metadata association allows us to add and remove content on a schedule which is beneficial from a marketing perspective where campaigns go live during non-standard working hours.
Administrator in Consumer Services

Forms and Workflow Collect Audience Data

Our Digital Experience Management software allows you to create responsive forms and surveys that collect information from your audiences. Simple integration with other apps, such as Salesforce, lets you pass data to people who need it when they need it.

Digital Experience Platform Forms and Workflows

Drag and Drop form builder

Easily create and build forms using a drag and drop form builder, embed them on any page across your websites or portal, and capture audience form submissions directly into your CRM or Helpdesk system - all without touching a line of code.

Capture form submissions automate workflow

Collect, capture, and securely store form submissions. Use workflows to automate form data and send it directly to people or your preferred apps like Salesforce, Zapier, and others. Helping you stay on top of the information you need to serve your audiences.

Reporting on form data

Form reporting gives you a complete picture of how your forms and surveys are performing — all in one place. Get a quick summary of how audiences are responding, or drill down for more information. With our intuitive interface, monitoring your data is quick and easy.

CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform for personalization


CentricMinds DXP will help you deliver personalized audience experiences. Display different content to audiences, measure engagement, and integrate with other apps, giving you the power to understand customer needs and personalize their experience.

Targeted Content

Your target audiences have distinct needs, priorities, and behaviors. CentricMinds DXP gives you the tools to provide personalized content experiences to your audiences based on geolocation, lifecycle stage, contact history, product category, and even season.


Listening to your audiences is essential for business success. Listen like never before. Examine the performance of personalized content to determine which works best for which audiences — measure interaction and engagement to gain insight into your audience needs.

Connecting the dots of audience data

Expand your view of who your audiences are, where they come from, what they like, and how they engage with your business. Leverage your audience data with our APIs and integrations for Salesforce or Google Analytics so you can make smarter content personalization decisions. 

Permission to Succeed

Permissions are a critical component of the CentricMinds DXP platform security. The DXP permission system is highly granular, allowing you to replicate your organization’s structures and business logic.

CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform for granular roles and permissions

Granular Roles & Permissions

Now you don’t have to give everyone the keys to your DXP. With granular permissions and roles, you can restrict visibility and access to content. Give collaborators the right to view and edit only certain content – or give them powers to create new content.

A fine-grained, powerful security model

CentricMinds DXP has a granular access model. Instead of relying solely on roles and permissions, you can control what users see at the document or content level. As a result, you can ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information.

Custom Roles & Permissions

Suppose you have external editors, contractors, or freelancers working on your content. Limiting their viewing and editing access is vital. That’s why CentricMinds DXP gives you the power to create custom roles and permissions. Now that's flexible.

Did you know?
With Digital Assets in one place customers cut content production time by 30%
CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform but for scale, security and speed

Built for scale, security and speed

The CentricMinds DXP platform comes in a range of deployment options including both cloud and on premise solutions. The DXP platform includes a number of auto-scaling and replication options to suit a range of audience requirements. With solid security features that gives you complete confidence.

Host on AWS or Azure with automated scaling

CentricMinds DXP is designed for AWS and Azure cloud hosting. CentricMinds has built-in features for automating hybrid cloud hosting, with pre-built drivers for configuring AWS instances, and the ability to dynamically add and remove servers to your environment.

Authentication Management

CentricMinds DXP adds a layer of security and authentication that is necessary for today's enterprise web-based applications and services. With features that support integration with an LDAP compliant data source such as Microsoft Active Directory and OKTA. It makes teams more productive and protects your business.


When it comes to your data security, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your DXP software is safe. That's why we took every precaution with CentricMinds DXP. We employ a number of security features, such as SSL Certificates, multi-factor authentication, and granular security and encrypted configuration data.

Say 'Hi' to your favorite apps

As your business grows, so does the list of tools you use. With CentricMinds DXP, you can integrate with all of your favorite apps, so there’s no more switching between Salesforce, Dropbox and Slack to get things done. Access 2,000+ apps using the CentricMinds Zapier integration.

DXP that’s less complicated, less costly and more powerful and flexible

You have the flexibility to create, manage and deliver experiences across channels. Most CMS products are rigid, inflexible and lack the ability to manage content across one integrated platform. CentricMinds DXP is different. It provides one platform for managing content through multiple channels — website, mobile applications, intranets, extranets, marketing portals, microsites, communities of interest — the possibilities are virtually endless.

File Sharing & Management

CentricMinds Drive saves us so much time! It cuts out all steps it used to take finding and collecting files for our audit. CentricMinds Drive gives us a central place to store our valuable knowledge.

Improved user experiences
Efficient, accurate and easy to use
Head of Operations in HealthCare
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Team Communications

CentricMinds Workspace improved our productivity and communications. We transformed the way team members published operational content to selected audiences.

Boast team communication and collaboration
Reduce the complexity of publishing content
Process Store Support Manager
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CentricMinds DXP — We are Digital. We are Content. We Help You Deliver Great Experiences.

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CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform