Manual workflows are time-consuming and lead to expensive and risky delays

Save time and manage your high volume of requests and approvals by using CentricMinds to automate your business workflows for approvals on documents, payments, and more.

Requests keep coming in from all directions

Employee requests can be overwhelming. They require IT, HR or finance to work together to get the request done -  frustrated about the long wait time. CentricMinds Workflow automation helps you make your employee requests more efficient for everyone involved. Happier employees, less manual strain on everyone.

No easy way to track vendors, partners or franchisees requests?

Your vendors, partners or franchisees are demanding more efficient service. You know you need to deliver a better experience via self-service options. With self service portal, forms, and automated workflows you can handle it all and have greater visibility with CentricMinds workflow and forms platform

Getting your essential documents approved is a pain

You spend so much time producing and sharing them and then - you wait and wait to get them approved.CentricMinds has the approval flows and workflows that will make it easy to get important documents reviewed quickly.

Automate your business requests and approvals from start to finish

CentricMinds allows you to create and automate workflows with no coding or IT resources. Automate your business from start to finish with pre-built workflow templates that can be customized or built from scratch. From forms to notifications, track requests and work approvals in one central pace in one click with CentricMinds.

Design your workflow in minutes

Design workflows visually, without any coding. Simply identify the steps in the process, define your approval flows and trigger automated notifications or emails to keep everyone informed of the status. The result? A centralized workflow dashboard that keeps everyone in the loop.

Create centralized portals for all your business requests 

CentricMinds enables you to make work easier for your team, by centralizing request forms and automating your workflow. Workflows and no code automation rules send notifications to relevant users to approve requests or handle necessary tasks. Reduce the time it takes to respond to requests from employees, franchisees, vendors, or partners while increasing visibility into your day-to-day operations.

Workflow Dashboard - keep everyone informed

The CentricMinds platform makes it easy to manage your workflow and see what needs your attention right away in the intuitive dashboard. Keep track of the number of pending, approved, and completed requests. And what percentage of a task is complete. With built-in alerts, your team will never have to look for information in different places again.

Create approval flows for your important documents

CentricMinds Tasks and Workflow tools make it easy to design and apply workflows to your files. With tasks and automated workflows, attach documents like contracts or sales orders, request approval from different people, and collect signatures. Track your documents across the business and automatically send out notifications to "remind" people of outstanding actions or approvals.

Do more with your workflow

Complete business tasks faster at a fraction of the cost. CentricForms and workflow work with your favorite business tools, including Slack, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Zapier. Because you can connect to web apps, too, you access over 3000+ integrations. Now everyone in your organization can move their work along, all in one place.

The Best Way to Get Things Done - CentricMinds Workflow

Scalable and secure, CentricMinds is a leading web-based workflow automation tool for businesses. With no coding and no IT resources, it's easy to set up workflows to get fast approvals on important documents and provide your employees, vendors, franchisees, or partners with an easy way to process requests. Whether you're a start-up or global enterprise, you will save time and money and free up your team to focus on more strategic issues.

Automate your business workflows and get fast approvals on requests

CentricMinds streamlined the workflow for one of our franchisees, decreasing their approval time from 4 weeks to a few hours.

File Sharing & Management

The process of finding files for an audit took forever. With CentricMinds Intranet Solution, our files and documents are all in the same place, saving us time and money. 'We reduced the time we spent gathering and searching for documents and files for an audit by 87%'.

Improved user experiences
Efficient, accurate and easy to use
Head of Operations in HealthCare
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Team Communications

CentricMinds Workspace improved our productivity and communications. We transformed the way team members published operational content to selected audiences.

Boast team communication and collaboration
Reduce the complexity of publishing content
Process Store Support Manager
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High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.