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Sun River Health

Sun River Health is one of America’s largest community health providers. With 400+ doctors and 43 health centers throughout the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island. Sun River Health provides affordable, accessible care to over 245,000 patients annually. The network’s exceptional primary care practitioners, specialists, and support staff have made Sun River Health a destination for convenient, high-quality care for all. Hudson River Health Care (HRHC) and Brightpoint Health announced their organizations rebranding under Sun River Health in September 2020. Since 1975 and 1990 respectively, Hudson River Health Care and Brightpoint Health have driven dramatic improvements in the health of the individuals and families they serve.

Sun River Health

The Challenge

1500+ distributed employees, without a reliable channel for news and updates

Without an intranet in place, communications across the group is done via email and phone. These outdated methods needed to be replaced by a modern communication solution that is informative, timely, helpful, and engaging for staff.

Segmented departments confounding document sharing

With no centralized store of documents, it meant that there were document duplications across departments, outdated information being used, and the time taken to transfer documents was taking up valuable time for staff.

The Solution

Modern internal communication platform

A modern intranet solution was essential for employees to get timely information, across all sites and departments.

The must-haves for the new CentricMinds intranet implementation were the ability to share:

  • News articles
  • Awareness of initiatives across the organization
  • Alerts
  • Important announcements
  • Other corporate information

Geared towards employee engagement

With investment in a new Intranet software platform, Sun River Health needed to ensure that employees will use the platform. This means boosting engagement through in-built features like enterprise social networking, plus like, share, and subscribe options.

A team directory allows staff across all sites and levels of the organization to find and connect with each other easily.

Document management system

A centralized document management system was the key to replacing an outdated, untraceable ‘paper’ trail system. With a modern document management system, staff with permission can easily find the right documents across sites, update and browse version histories, see who has edited documents, etc.

The document management system is organized by function so that documents for Employee Resources, Patient Care & Engagement Information, Marketing and Communications Documents & Media, etc. are clearly sectioned and easily searchable.

Workspaces for collaboration

Workspaces are a digital space where people can come together to work on a specific project or initiative.

Workspaces allow group members to:

  • Run and manage a project/initiative digitally
  • Share files and collaborate on documents
  • Assign and track tasks
  • Have one on one or group discussions about the project/initiative

The Results

Successfully modernized communication

Daily updates shared across sites, backed up by employee engagement statistics in the form of contributions, likes, and comments.

Centralized information sharing

The Sun River Health intranet is now the key source of content when it comes to document storage, knowledge sharing and core communications within the organization.

Digital incorporated into company culture

In an industry that is typically slow to digitize, Sun River Health have implemented an ongoing initiative to ensure use of Workspaces (now including Tasks for individuals and groups and roll out of Forms). This helps employees become comfortable and experienced in working with new digital systems, essential for the future. The results of the initiative show positive feedback with employees throughout all levels of the organization.

"Great product, great company. The software is easy to use and has all the benefits of being a high-end tech product. The team is very helpful, and they want to empower you to take control of the product."

Hallie M, Marketing and Communications Strategist


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