Team Management

Give your team the tools to manage their own profiles. Access the Team Directory and discover team members through location, projects and more.

Team Management

User Profiles

Team members can manage their own profiles, adding professional expertise and projects they’ve worked on. Endorse fellow team members and follow them.

A user profile is a page that is visible by all users within CentricMinds. Profiles encourage users to connect with each other, discover content other users have posted, what users like and what they've commented on.

User information & Active Directory

User information can be populated from an Active Directory source, or be individually populated and managed by users if no Active Directory source can be provided.

Fostering collaboration

CentricMinds is focused on fostering collaboration through an open and transparent approach to content. If you are connected to someone you will see his or her posts within your Stream. If you are part of an invitation only Connection Group you will see these private posts within Stream.

Staff Directory

If the Staff Directory is enabled, user profiles will automatically be presented within the alphabetical staff listing. Users can also search and discover user profiles from with CentricMinds.


Are you looking for someone in the organization who knows something about supply chain management? What about someone who has experience with contract negotiations within the healthcare industry? Do you need to reach someone this week that can review and confirm that your proposal is HIPAA compliant?

Professional User Profiles

Profiles in CentricMinds allow users to build out their professional profiles that are visible to everyone across the organization. Imagine LinkedIn but only accessible within the walls of your organization. Staff can complete their profiles and outline projects they've worked on. They can list their skills, expertise and educational background and define their interests, languages and more.

Smart Search Features

When users search within CentricMinds, other users who match their key words or phrases will be returned within search results. For example, searching for 'supply chain management' will return documents containing this phrase but users with supply chain management mentioned within their profile will also be displayed.

“Profiles encourage users to connect with each other, discover content other users have posted, what users like and what they’ve commented on.”

Team Directory

Get to know whose who through the Team Directory. Discover team members through location, projects and more.

Active Directory Environment Integration

Get to know everyone across your organization using the team directory. Supporting integration with your Active Directory environment, users are displayed for your team to search across and discover other team members.


User metadata enables you to expand user profiles within the team directory to include custom fields such as location, expertise, language, projects users have worked on and more.

Organizational Chart View

The organizational chart enables you to view team members by organizational structure. Administrators can modify the org chart from within the Team Directory environment. Further configuration enables administrators to visualize team member dependencies and peers.

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