Intranet Platform For Retail

The CentricMinds Enterprise Digital platform has been deployed into some of the world’s most recognized retail brands.

With its ability to power both external marketing websites and industry leading Intranet and Extranet environments that support complex document management and workflow tasks, CentricMinds offers a compelling solution to meet both external and internal stakeholder expectations.

The CentricMinds Digital Workplace Intranet is chosen by retailers to solve the following:

  • Intranet to deliver personalized communications to teams working across multiple store locations.
  • Automated business processes aligned with store KPI’s.
  • Management of store operations documentation and custom data repositories.
  • Integration with cloud based applications and access managed by CentricMinds SSO.
  • Enterprise Search.

The CentricMinds multi-site Internet enables retailers to:

  • Publish, manage and optimize the omni-channel customer experience.
  • Implement a unique user design experience at the center of the buying experience (providing the ability to craft a completely customized e-commerce experience – and not be constricted to a ‘one size fits all’ e-commerce solution).
  • Multisite Internets, covering unique territories and audiences
  • Implement a highly scalable Enterprise Content Management platform (proven in delivering sites with millions of page views per month)
  • Integrate with enterprise wide applications across CRM, ERP, BI, HR and more
  • Implement CentricMinds on premise or in the Cloud.

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