Intranet Platform For Communications & Media

CentricMinds delivers a scalable cloud-based platform for digital asset and workflow management, allowing organizations to safeguard their IP across multiple audiences

CentricMinds is an end-to-end Digital Management platform, designed for communication and media professionals to plan, design and publish content and data across multiple web and mobile destinations.

Our integrated platform enables you to connect with customers across web, social and mobile from our cloud-based environment. CentricMinds helps marketers understand customer activity through native integration with Google Analytics.

Storytelling is at the heart of your communications strategy, and the content you plan and promote to tell your story needs to be managed and tracked. Our Digital Asset Management capabilities enable you to capture, categorize and store assets and determine which digital channel they are published to.

The CentricMinds Digital Workplace platform enables communications and media professionals to:

  • Deploy our ‘out of-the-box’ Intranet that supports our Digital Asset Management tools for capturing, tagging and storing your media content
  • Configure our Extranet to allow trusted third parties to securely access your media content, supporting a range of methods for downloading and distributing your content

Once the Internet and Digital Asset Management platform is deployed, communications and media professions can move to launching powerful destinations that support:

  • Responsive experiences designed for a mobile first world
  • Personalized interfaces that are branded based on the end customer access to your assets
  • Secure asset environments that are account driven and allow tracking of asset distribution

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