How CentricMinds brings business teams inside and outside together

Teams and businesses use CentricMind to:

  • Respond

    To operational requests and approvals inside and outside your business.

  • Prioritize

    Use tasks to plan, manage and track projects.

  • Connect

    Cultivate team culture, unite everyone with news, social feeds, and celebrations.

  • Communicate

    Connect, discuss and work together seamlessly.

  • Access

    Securely store & share files, cloud content, and documents faster than ever before, thanks to intelligent search.

  • Reduce

    Reduce time to complete manual, repetitive tasks using tasks, forms, and workflows.

  • Analyze

    Using a data dashboard, visualize and optimize business workflows, communications, and collaboration.

Who is CentricMinds for

  • All teams

    Keep teams on the same page at every step. Break down silos, improve communication, find documents quickly, automate requests and approvals, and track or complete tasks anywhere.

  • HR

    Manage HR policies and procedures, drive process change through change communications and standardized automated workflows, or quickly onboard new staff.

  • Marketing

    Automate marketing approvals and provide incredible digital experiences to partners, franchisees, and customers. Store, locate and share digital brand assets in seconds.

  • Business Operations

    Automate and standardize business workflow processes, enable team collaboration through task management and work instruction and measure the results.

  • Sales

    Centralize communication, discover and share content assets to close more deals, onboard sales faster.

  • Finance & Legal

    Manage documents, simplify contract processes with signatures, create secure portals for partners or franchisees, and gain agreement faster.

Customer Success


Less time searching

For files and content after switching to CentricMinds


Increase in productivity

Users report up to a 20% improvement in productivity


Hours saved in manual tasks

Over 1000+ hours of admin time saved using CentricForms and workflows


Increase in employee engagement

Employee engagement increased 44 percent in 3 months using communication channels

Empower Employees Everywhere

We build amazing products that empower employees

Collaboration and Productivity

CentricMinds Collaboration and Productivity platform is the only platform that combines all of your organization's information and processes into a single integrated business platform. An intelligent platform that integrates workflow automation, content sharing, collaboration and communication, and an employee app to keep everyone focused on what matters most – achieving their goals.


CentricMinds Intranet for Google Workspace lets employees connect more effectively and automate routine tasks.


CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform (DXP) makes it easy to manage content for a wide range of channels on one integrated platform. Less complicated, Less costly and More flexible.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Our products are simple to learn without the need for a team of IT resources to be trained first. Not everyone speaks "tech". CentricMinds products are created with you in mind. We strive to make our products as simple to use as possible, reducing implementation time and cost and removing any significant learning curves.

We Accelerate your Time to Value

With CentricMinds, your time to value is shorter, deployment is faster, and your people from IT have no need to be concerned about another solution to manage. CentricMinds products are cloud-based or you can choose to host in your cloud. As a result, your IT team can focus on more valuable work instead of managing an application. And you can launch faster. And measure value sooner.

Data Driven 

Teams can see, evaluate, and reach decisions faster. You can visualize, report data, and evaluate the status of tasks, requests, workflows, and approvals. Integrate with third-party software to optimize the way you work. Make data-driven decisions using: dashboards, analytics, centralized communications, and notifications.

Flexible and Secure

You own your data, so you can host it wherever you want--in your cloud or hosted. It's secure by design, so your sensitive information is always safe. And it's scalable, so you can start small and scale up as your business grows. Flexible Hosting. Sure thing. We make it easy for you to host on AWS, AWS GovCloud or Azure.

We Don't Do Silos

CentricMinds products integrate with your business systems and sync seamlessly with your cloud applications, allowing you to view and share data more easily than ever before. That means no more information or data silos, so your workforce stays connected and can make better decisions.

We create simple-to-use products that are secure, scalable, and affordable to help you achieve your goals

Industry Focused Solutions


CentricMinds unites your entire healthcare team into one connected workflow. Our intuitive interface makes it easy for your healthcare providers to keep up with changes, get the right information faster than ever, and achieve their best work in a brand new way.

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Retail Operations have never been easier, with automated workflows to maintain your store's daily operations. An employee app makes it easy for your teams to communicate, share store comms, schedule tasks, and keep everyone on the same page. Onboard new staff faster using your own branded app.

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Construction & Mining

The business of construction and mining is a fast-paced, always changing environment. CentricMinds helps you manage the chaos. From creating a secure intranet where staff collaborate and manage documents to an Employee App to assigning tasks and checklists - CentricMinds has the solution.

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Professional Services

When your services are your company's lifeblood, you need a platform that allows you to work smarter. CentricMinds' file storage and sharing solution lets your teams respond faster and collaborate. Locate relevant case or project files using smart search, securely share files, and reach agreements more quickly, thanks to built-in e-signatures.

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Non Profit

Power your nonprofit. CentricMinds is used by organizations around the world, empowering community engagement. It powers volunteers and staff with registration processes, automates manual tasks and workflows, data collection tasks, and communication for everyone.

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CentricMinds' Digital Experience Platform (DXP) lets agencies create engaging and fluid experiences for citizens, volunteers, and staff. Create citizen-facing websites that allow citizens to self-serve, use forms to collect customer data, and automate workflow processes to reduce staff workload.

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Get results with CentricMinds

We collaborate with our customers to provide the best solution for their needs. Our products assist businesses all over the world in moving more quickly and effectively.

CentricMinds Drive saves us so much time! It cuts out the steps it use to take finding and collecting files for our audit. CentricMinds Drive gives us a central place to store our valuable knowledge.

Head of Operations in HealthCare
Read Sonic HealthPlus use case

CentricMinds Workspace improved our productivity and communications. We transformed the way team members published operational content to selected audiences.

Process Store Support Manager
Read KiT. Kmart's Intranet use case

High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.

G2 High Performer Fall 2023
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Spring 2023

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