Why CentricMinds

Partnering with customers for success. Every time.

We partner with our customers to plan, develop and launch successful Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Document Management solutions that enable them to connect in ways that deliver long term value.

Our solution minimizes time to market, enabling organizations to quickly deliver results and achieve faster return on investment through reducing the cost of acquisition and project delivery. As both the technology vendor and services delivery partner, we successfully blend both product and services knowledge enabling our customers to achieve greater results.

CentricMinds Intranet Software

Intranet Software

The CentricMinds out-of-the-box Intranet is a comprehensive solution chosen by organizations covering every industry vertical. Coupled with our native iOS and Android apps, your team can stay connected no matter where they are located within the organization. Learn more about launching your new Intranet solution with CentricMinds.

File Sharing & Management

Many organizations still struggle with content management and distribution for their employees. For most, knowledge is the lifeblood of the operation and relying on file servers and email to share your knowledge leads to duplication, loss of productivity and is prone to error. Learn more about taking back control of your document management with CentricMinds.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management
CentricMinds Employee App

Employee App

The CentricMinds native iOS and Android apps support the growing mobile behavior of the modern workplace. Employees can connect with the CentricMinds platform from their mobile device. Learn more about empowering your team with mobile work apps from CentricMinds.

Digital Asset Management Software

Your content is now everywhere. Website, Intranet, Social Media, Supplier Extranet – that Dropbox account Mary setup before she left. It’s out there. CentricMinds Digital Asset Management enables you to capture, store, tag and management all of your marketing communication content – from one secure location.

CentricMinds Digital Asset Management Software
CentricMinds Internal Comms Software

Internal Comms Software

Communication is the number one reason teams fly or fail. Why tolerate email as your communication strategy? Yes, everyone gets email but that’s the problem. CentricMinds Internal Comms will turn you into an internal communications rock star.

Digital Experience Platform

CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform has been driving simple and complex online destinations for more than a decade. Version 8 of the CentricMinds CMS provides authors with powerful content, templating and metadata tools for managing personalized content for audiences across Internet, Extranet and mobile.

CentricMinds Digital Experience Platform