Manufacturing & Construction Intranet Software

The modern manufacturing and construction company is seeking ways of integrating core applications into a single view.

With the average lifetime of infrastructure being measured in decades, organizations are seeking platforms that not only manage the creation and distribution of project assets to all key stakeholders during the project phase, but also provide cloud-based repositories that enable searchable archives well into the future. CentricMinds has been used within the Manufacturing and Construction Industry to support the delivery of real-time project metrics, provide visibility into project workflows and deliver documentation to the right audience at the most appropriate time.

The CentricMinds Digital Workplace Intranet has been chosen by organizations within the Manufacturing and Construction industry to solve the following:

  • Management of project portfolio.
  • Secure collaboration on project components by geographically dispersed staff.
  • Staff expertise database (search for staff relevant for a project bid)
  • Removal of paper based processes and transformation into digital forms with workflow management.
  • Integration of enterprise wide applications and portal access managed by CentricMinds SSO.
  • Enterprise search for document discovery, security and metadata application.

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