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Plan everything and leave nothing to chance

Organize and break down subtasks with checklists, assign tasks, monitor progress, streamline approval processes, and automate repetitive tasks.

The best way to manage work. Your way.

See everything! Forget nothing.

We take care of boring, so you can focus on being awesome!

Repetition killing your work day? Automate away the tedious things that can fill your day and create recurring tasks.

Save time

Automate recurring tasks

Set recurring tasks and put them on repeat automatically. Set them at any frequency. There is no need to change dates again and again. Save time!

Loop people in

Automate Learning & Accountability

Enable visibility into what your employees are working on. Create automated operational and learning tasks for team members to complete on their desktop or via the CentricMinds Employee App.

Fast and easy

Autocomplete work effort

Set an estimated effort for specific tasks. Every time you add that task, the estimated effort will automatically be set. Run reports to see how long actual tasks took.

We all work better, together.

All of our products fit together, just like a team. We help you work together effortlessly by providing products that are designed to complement each other and help you accomplish your goals.

Intranet for Google Workspace

Empowers teams to communicate, collaborate and share securely.

Intranet to Replace SharePoint

Transform your intranet with task management, communication, and file cloud storage.

Employee Mobile App

Work and communicate on the go. Share documents, and manage tasks.

Workflow Automation

Automate approval and request workflows.

Secure File Cloud Collaboration

Search, Edit and Share your Files securely on all devices.


Build forms to collect and automate data.

A world where apps play nice together
That's what the world needs right now. Integrate with the apps you use without even thinking about it.

Get on top of your tasks

Meet CentricMinds Tasks, the easy-to-use task management system that helps you do more.