Intranet for Google Workspace. Reach Everyone. Work Together.

Bring conversations, corporate communication, knowledge, tasks, and Google content and documents together in your Intranet. The only Intranet you need for your Google Workspace.

Invested in Google Workspace, but require a central hub to connect everyone with everything?

CentricMinds Intranet for Google Workspace has all the tools to manage company communications, documents, knowledge management and efficiently onboard new staff members while still accessing all your Google Drive files.

Keeping everyone engaged and connected to what’s going on is a challenge.

Imagine a way to centralize company announcements, your project group discussion channels, social news, and access all your google files. This is the CentricMinds Intranet. Designed for Google Workspace users.

Need to find answers quickly.

Getting tired of looking through twenty different sources to get answers or waiting on people to respond to a message? With CentricMinds Intranet, everyone can document and share knowledge - and get answers without waiting for an answer.

Spending time on internal approvals and requests? You’re not alone.

Organizing and managing requests and approvals can be a challenge. Multiple emails, calls, and meetings all for the same thing. Let’s help you automate things. With CentricMinds tasks, you can automatically route requests and approvals from one place.

Easy to use Intranet for Google Workspace users

Let’s put information where it needs to be in front of your teams. Using CentricMinds Intranet for Google Workspace, you can level up communication, regain control over requests and approvals, share knowledge, and onboard new staff. Plus, access important Google content at the same time. That’s cool!
Intranet for Google Workspace Internal Comms

Connect Everyone. Communicate Everything.

Creating compelling communications using the CentricMinds Internal Comms tools and drive collaboration across your company. Use group chat channels to fuel connection or create and share company-wide announcements.

Create better employee onboarding experiences.

With just a few clicks, create compelling onboarding experiences for new hires so they get to know your company’s mission and vision, areas of responsibility, other team members, and more. Use tasks and checklists to guide them through videos, activities, and google docs so they can skill up fast.

Intranet for Google Workspace Employee Onboarding Task

Build your Google Intranet with CentricMinds

All the benefits of Google Workspace, in one simple-to-use Intranet and Portal solution
Intranet for Google Workspace Workflows

From request to approval in just a click.

Handling repetitive manual requests like reimbursements, purchases or HR requests is time-consuming. Save time with no-code workflows to automate these tasks. And with Google Drive integration, simply attach files for approval and even add signatures.

Knowledge in your staff's hands.

An Intranet with tools to share knowledge. Users can document processes, capture key links to information, create how-to guides, and store FAQ’s for quick access. So everyone can get up to speed with the right answers and complete tasks confidently.

Intranet for Google Workspace Sharing Knowledge
Intranet for Google Workspace Team Directory

Get to know who's who — Team Directory.

Find colleagues based on their location, skills, or passions and seamlessly communicate with them. See your company's structure in one glance, giving you a clear picture of who reports to who, network across departments and teams with ease. Make connections, share messages, files and bring your teams closer together.

Create workspaces for teams or projects.

With CentricMinds workspaces, work gets easier. Create multiple workspaces conducive to your work style. Easily share them with others. Automatically display relevant Google docs and sheets. Add a summary, need-to-know links, and critical details so everyone has what they need to know.

Intranet for Google Workspace
Intranet for Google Workspace Searching

Search tools that go beyond finding titles.

Simply and instantly connect to your Google Drive account and start organizing and searching your files from within CentricMinds Drive. Associate tags, add to tasks and more. This one-of-a-kind tool takes the complexity out of finding your content.

Google Workspace Intranet FAQs

How do businesses benefit from Google Workspace (Gsuite) intranet?

CentricMinds works with your existing Google Workspace to give you access to all of your important files, calendars, tasks, the team directory, and all company and team communication in one place.

It makes everyone feel like they're part of the workplace community, where they can post company updates and stories, and promotes two-way communication.

  • Create an easy-to-use Google Workspace intranet.
  • Access your calendars, Google files, images, and other files in one place.
  • Create and assign tasks right from your intranet. You can see real-time status and keep teams informed.
  • Provide document access on the page. Embed files in pages for easy access.
  • A flexible solution that grows with your business.

What can CentricMinds do that Google Workspace doesn't?

Google Workspace is great for creating content and storing files. But it doesn't help you share company communications or organize projects, which is what makes CentricMinds different.

First, CentricMinds Intranet allows you to create company updates and announcements that can be shared with the entire company or with specific teams. People can stay informed about what's going on throughout the company and engage and contribute using comments.

Second, CentricMinds has a built-in task manager that lets employees plan projects and assign tasks. It also works with Google Workspace, so you can sync calendars and embed files for a better understanding of the project.

Lastly, CentricMinds Intranet, has its own secure file storage and integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace. allowing you to sync and manage all of your files in one location. It also integrates with other well-known cloud services, such as OneDrive, so you can drag and drop or sync files from these services directly into your intranet. This allows you to use the full power of Google Workspace without sacrificing any of your other company systems.

You can even embed documents directly into intranet pages or share them in group chat so that everyone has access to exactly what they need.

Which types of companies should use CentricMinds intranet platform?

For midsize businesses that use Google Workspace, the CentricMinds Intranet is the perfect solution. It lets them communicate with employees effectively through company-wide news and announcements, and group chat makes it easier for people to share information and engage with colleagues. It also gives them a central hub and the tools they need to find, act on, and share important information so they can get their work done faster.

The Complete Intranet for your Google Workspace

CentricMinds Intranet is ready to empower your teams with all the best that Google Workspace brings. Access files, find team members, engage everyone with corporate communications and social discussion, document your knowledge and automate routine tasks. You can connect with others easily and make things happen with this digital workplace hub.

High Performer Employee Intranet

CentricMinds is recognized as a High Performer in Intranet Software and a top Team Collaboration solution by our customers.

G2 High Performer Fall 2023
G2 High Performer Asia Pacific Spring 2023

It’s intuitive, affordable to use, and easy to implement.

Explore how CentricMinds Intranet for Google Workspace can help with employee onboarding, corporate communications management, task automation, and more.