Power Up Your Team Communication

With CentricMinds' intranet, mobile app, and chat, communication is instant and effortless. Connect with your team on the go, without any delays.

Create a culture of team communication

Grow your circle, connect with new faces through the power of chat and group discussions.

Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime (even your boss) with our instant messaging app. We make work communication less work-y.

Want engaged employees? Speak to their interests with our targeted communication software for corporate communications.

Don't guess, know. Use real-time employee engagement data to make better decisions and create happier teams in the workplace.

Collaborate Faster with Chat Messaging

Connect and collaborate from anywhere with our chat messaging feature! Share files, locations, and contacts in realtime from your employee intranet or employee app to keep projects moving forward. Quick discussions, idea sharing, and question-asking made easy.

Instant Messaging

Directly message colleagues from the intranet or team mobile app. Simply search for people, add, and start chatting. Connect instantly and collaborate effortlessly. It's that easy!

Streamline Communication

Simplify team communication with chat channels that let you quickly find and join conversations about specific topics or projects, all in one place on both desktop and mobile. No company email required!

Show your ideas

Don't just talk about work, show it! Share files, images, locations, contacts in context during your chat conversations for faster problem solving and decision making.

Ready to Connect? With group discussions

Collaborate, connect, and share with ease! Create groups based on interests and goals, and bring your coworkers together for organic discussions. From project teams to plant-based enthusiasts, embrace a positive work culture through shared interests and ideas.

Group Discussions
  • Effortlessly create, join, and manage discussion groups for your project, team, or interests. Foster community by inviting colleagues to join and choose to make groups open or private for added flexibility.
  • Encourage inclusivity and collaboration by sharing ideas, photos, and docs in group discussions. Give everyone a voice and engage with likes, comments, and reactions to build a strong workplace culture
  • Join vibrant company communities with ease. Access Group Discussions from your Intranet or Employee App to share ideas, interests, and passions. Notifications: On or off, it's your call!

Measure and Optimize Communications

Discover how your team is really communicating with CentricMinds' analytics feature. Track engagement, measure success, and improve communication across your organization!

Measure and Optimize Communications
  • Find out who's really engaged with your content! Track team activity and see who's interacting with posts to improve engagement.
  • Track team collaboration with collaboration tracking. See your most active teams, chat channels, group discussions, and app downloads.
  • Measure communication effectiveness with post analytics. See comments, likes, and views for each post.

Stay Social With These Expected-But-Still Awesome Features!

No need for fancy new features? Stick with likes, comments, reactions, and posts to keep the conversation going with your colleagues in CentricMinds Intranet and Employee App.

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Maximize your communication impact

Boost engagement and visibility with real-time notifications, dynamic carousels, and pop-Up Visual Messages.

Never miss an important update! Stay informed with real-time push notifications and @mentions for every update involving you. Keep up-to-date effortlessly.

Get important updates noticed with our dynamic carousel! Increase engagement with an easy and eye-catching display of company news, updates, and announcements.

Notify your team of critical updates with ease using our pop-up message feature. Keep track of employee acknowledgment and ensure important information is seen.

Comment, Post, Like & Interact

Comment, Post, Like & Interact
  • Enhance your communication with commenting and liking features. Tag colleagues, edit or delete comments, and see who liked your post.
  • Share posts easily with your team or organization. Attach files, images, or videos and schedule posts for timely delivery.
  • Interact with colleagues via reactions, post sharing and private chat. Join groups and channels by interests or role for easy collaboration.

Company News and Updates That Reach Everyone at Work

Streamline Communication: Keep your team up-to-date with company news and updates on your Intranet and Employee App! Centralize everything and engage everyone with the latest company developments.

Company News and Updates
  • Post updates from anywhere. From the App or Intranet! Your choice.
  • Effortlessly create company communications with pre-made campaigns and images.
  • Stay updated on corporate news with a social feed-like experience on your employee app.

Targeted Communication, Impactful Results

Engage your employees with targeted communication for better results!

Targeted Communication
  • Schedule updates easily in-app or on your intranet for timely employee engagement.
  • Tailor updates to engage employees based on what’s important to them. Share relevant communications by location, team, role or department.
  • Boost team morale with targeted automated messages! Welcome new members & recognize achievements to keep teams engaged.

Team Communication Frequently Asked Questions

How can a team app improve communication and productivity in the workplace?

An employee app is a fantastic tool to improve communication and productivity in the workplace! Offering features such as chat messaging, news feeds, forms, and tasks, it enables teams to collaborate more efficiently, share information, and stay up-to-date on critical updates. This can lead to quicker and more effective work, making your team feel more connected and productive.

What are the benefits of an Intranet?

Think of an intranet as your team's online hub, where you can easily share information, work together, and stay in the loop. With features like chat and discussions, it makes communicating and collaborating a breeze. Plus, managers can boost employee engagement with surveys, emotional feedback, and recognition for great work, while sharing company news and resources.

How do you improve company culture for hybrid and remote teams?

Improving company culture for hybrid and remote teams can be achieved by using features like social feeds, recognition tools, employee surveys, and wellness checks in your intranet or employee app. Encouraging employees to share their experiences, interests, and hobbies through group discussions can build a sense of community and connection. Peer-to-peer recognition is also a great way to bring people together, allowing individuals to post a shoutout in a dedicated chat channel. Lastly, a people directory that showcases employees' personalities and interests, like their pronouns, nicknames, and areas of expertise, can help remote and hybrid teams feel more connected and engaged.

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