File Storage, Sharing & Management

Automate document workflows, enhance collaboration, and centrally manage files and cloud-based content with seamless efficiency.

File Sharing & Management

Everybody works better when they’re organized

CentricMinds keeps all your files in one place, organized with folders, tags, tabs, and views. Everything your teams needs at a glance.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Drive

Store and access files anytime anywhere

From drag-and-drop to automatic syncing, storing files so you can share them with others is super simple to do. You can securely access files from anywhere using a desktop or phone. That’s the beauty of files in a single place.

Organized folders

Flexible and familiar folders and subfolders help teams find and organize files. This means everyone knows where to put their work and where to look for it.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Organised Folders

Tag everything, find everything

Tag files and documents with multiple keywords. Simple interface to create sets of keywords, easy to add new tags to files. Farewell to not finding your files  - hello tags. Just click the tag you want, and CentricMinds will show you all relevant documents with that tag—no more digging through files to find what you need.

Tabs - quick access to your files

See all your files in one convenient place. Files are organized in tabs Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox, and everyone has instant access to them. The power of a file manager with the added functionality of instant access to your synced cloud storage services.

Version control

View version history of files and documents and choose actions including rollback, restore and compare which provides in-browser side-by-side comparison of documents with the automatic highlighting of differences captured between document versions.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Version Control

Documents on your mobile - do more than just read them.

Connect remote, field, and store teams to files and content. Do more than view and access documents. Edit cloud content, action tasks, give feedback, sign documents all on your phone. Connect mobile teams to their work tasks.
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CentricMinds File Sharing & Management on your Mobile App

Share files, not Frustration

Powerful file sharing features help teams collaborate, stay on track, customers get what they need and you work stress free.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Sharing Files

File sharing is easy

Simply share a link to the content. Embed the link in a message or email. Everyone with the link will always have access to the most current version of the documents. Securely share all types of content from PDFs to Excel docs. Everyone who has the link can access and work together.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Sharing Files

Shared folders

Share folders securely with teams, customers, vendors, or partners. Advanced file sharing includes optional password protection and link controls. Making it easier than ever to control exactly how you share files and collaborate with co-workers and external users like customers.

Follow up on shared files

Find out if someone has even looked at your shared file. CentricMind makes it possible for you to get up to speed with who has edited, viewed, renamed, or deleted a file. All changes are synced and updated for all recipients. Reduces the need to follow up with repeated email requests.

Share any file. Any size

Share any kind of file—big or small—with others inside or outside your business.  And choose who gets access to what: spreadsheets, videos, photos, and more. We've got you covered.

Secure file sharing

Sharing is great, but not everyone needs to see everything. CentricMinds lets you control who has access to sensitive files, and how much access they have.

Set granular file permissions

User management is simplified and set up is quick. Allowing you to set the right level of secure access for each user. Strong permission settings let you choose to give people view only or edit access so you manage your sharing options.

Control more when and who

Protect documents with passwords, track if links are forwarded, set expiry dates to turn off access to take back control.  CentricMinds gives everyone confidence knowing that their work is secure.

Share folders

Share a folder of files with your team, customers, or partners with ease. Create a folder, set access rules, password protect it, and set view-only access. Manage them safely, and share them securely.

File process automation

Bridge the gap between your files and work processes — all in CentricMinds.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management File Tracking with Tasks

Seamless information flow

Start simplifying your information flow on your files and documents.  Create triggers and workflows in a matter of minutes -  collect data, streamline feedback loops and approvals on your files.

Digital Signatures

Capture signatures on your files and documents from team members, partners or customers. Agree faster. Using approval forms attach files and complete signatures in minutes.

Capture track and take action

Create a To-Do list, add tasks and attach files for review. Ideal for onboarding employees or new partners. Get them up-to-speed on all the key elements they need to know. Gather signatures and I agree with checkboxes. Then automatically route completed documents and requests to relevant colleagues.

Set reminders and alerts

Missing a deadline on a contract renewal, price list change, or compliance policy can cost your business thousands.What are the consequences? You may lose a client...or worse!

With a click, set reminders and expiry dates on important files. CentricMinds automatically sends notifications, so you don’t miss anything.

Search files  - find anything

Search is easy, and it's simple to find what you're looking for. Search within files, metadata, users, and more. Use filters like file type, tags, dates to refine your results.

CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Search

Sync to one place. Perform one search

We all work with files and finding them isn’t always easy. With CentricMinds Drive, connect and sync files from your Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox and then perform a single search across all of your connected content.

Search within files

Our search tool goes beyond simple title searches. It will locate keywords and phrases that you specify within the entire contents of the document ensuring your search results are more relevant and valuable.

Custom search fields

Power search saves you time by making it easy to find things faster. Make use of auto-populated fields from your file categories to search for clients, contracts, product names, SKU numbers, or clinical labels, and more.

Filter your search results

Filter your search by tags, labels, department, file type, users and more. You’ll be able to locate and identify files even if you’re unsure where to start.

Discover Brand Assets

Search or preview your brand assets and photos, such as product images and video. At a glance, see all of your assets, and use digital asset galleries to quickly select that perfect product image.

Instant File Preview

Preview any type of file directly within your web browser without the need to download the file. CentricMinds Drive enables users to quickly search, identify and preview files faster.

Integrate with all your different work apps

CentricMinds has dozens of integrations with leading software solutions in the market. Plus, access over 2,000+ apps using the CentricMinds Zapier integration. With every integration brands like yours benefit from increased flexibility, better productivity, reduced merge conflicts, and consolidated data.

Authentication Management

CentricMinds supports integration with an LDAP compliant data source, such as Microsoft Active Directory and OKTA.
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Using Dropbox, connect your existing Dropbox account with CentricMinds. Sync files and folders from Dropbox or create a Virtual Data Room in CentricMinds for customers and partners and get deals done.
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Google Drive

Configure and map Drive folders within the CentricMinds Drive. Sync and display all Google files for your marketing team projects or specific clients so they can be found in one place. Increase efficiency in team communication.
Learn more about Google Drive Integration


Using CentricMinds workflows, send documents to DocuSign to create DocuSign templates. CentricMinds displays the selected document template for signing by that user. Automatic store signed files into their proper place.
Learn more about DocuSign Integration


CentricMinds enables organizations invested in SharePoint to synchronize and display files and documents in unique ways.
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Office 365

Users can open, edit, and save files without leaving CentricMinds thanks to CentricMinds’ native Office 365 integration. You can collaborate on files with Office Online while Centricminds syncs and stores them for you.
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Document Analytics

Monitor and track file, folder, and share activity. Understand who, where, and how your data is being used in a matter of seconds.
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CentricMinds File Sharing & Management Analytics

Document Security, Compliance & Hosting

You understand the value of security. We know too, which is why you can self-host CentricMinds Drive on AWS, AWS GovCloud, or Azure. Not only do you have greater security, you also have more control over where your data is stored.
Learn more about Security, Compliance & Hosting

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