Enterprise Social Networking

Bring your team together into a unified communications platform connecting users across web browser, iOS and Android.

Tag team members, Like and Comment on their posts. Receive push notifications via the CentricMinds native app and keep your team connected.

CentricMinds supports common social media interfaces that encourage participation across the entire organization.


Tag other team members in your posts using @mentions. Users are notified through push notifications when they’ve been included in discussions. Read more about @mentions support in CentricMinds.


Want to let Amanda know that she did an awesome job on a recent project? Or you just want to do a shoutout to someone you’ve enjoyed working with over the past year? Endorsements enable team member to rate their colleagues. Users can personally decide if they then want to display the endorsements they receive.


Providing the ability to associate content with other types of content delivers powerful ways of building collections that can be useful when running projects. Clicking on tags will present a new view and automatically display all content including pages, documents, photo's, users and discussions that associated with the chosen tag.


CentricMinds provides spaces to enable team members to come together and get things done. Workspaces are designed to enable teams, or the entire organization, to access and publish content around a specific topic. Working in a similar way to folders on a file server, Workspaces are a dedicated web-based environment for the management of documents, discussions and events.

Access to Workspaces is defined through roles, and once users are part of a Workspace they can post comments to the Workspace as well as drag and drop documents directly from their desktop into a Workspace environment.

Organizations can set up Workspaces based on departments, projects, clients, topics or any type of taxonomy that reflects the way your team prefers to work.

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