Customer Relationship Management

Create and manage custom profiles of your customers. Use the report builder to gain visibility into activities and more.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage the valuable interactions you have with your customers. Leveraging the power of the native Custom Data Repositories (CDR’s) within the CentricMinds platform, organizations can deploy and manage a flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) environment.

Provide visibility into customer activity

Enable your whole team, from sales, marketing, operations and HR, to gain an understanding of those customers who you’re actively engaged with. Enable team members to search and discover across a wide variety of criteria that you can customize to what matters the most. Present customer data in a variety of ways depending on the use case you want to implement.

Create completely custom profiles

The CentricMinds Custom Data Repositories (CDR’s) uniquely enable the design of bespoke profiles that enable you to adapt your rules and processes to that of supporting and communicating with your customers. With most off-the-shelf CRM software, you’re typically adapting your rules and processes to that of the software. CentricMinds provides a flexible framework for the capturing, storage, management, display and reporting on bespoke data.

Generate custom reports

The Custom Data Repository framework provides a flexible data reporting tool. This allows organizations to design and create reports with ease. The report builder supports choosing data fields to include in the report (e.g. choosing one or more fields from across one or more data repositories to include). It also supports defining data filters (e.g. choosing one or more fields from across one or more data repositories and filtering by one or more values for each). Reports are saved and then can be viewed at anytime (providing real-time up-to-date data each time a given report is viewed). Reports can be viewed online (in the browser) or downloaded as a spreadsheet or PDF.

Provide a personalized Extranet

Supercharge your CRM using CentricMinds by allowing customers to log in via the secure Extranet and interact with your organization in real-time. Enable customers to take part in discussions with your team, trigger workflows, upload documentation such as orders, contracts and much more.

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