Digital Experience Platform

CentricMinds Web Content Management has been driving simple and complex online destinations for more than a decade.

Digital Experience Platform

Version 8 of the CentricMinds CMS provides authors with powerful content, templating and metadata tools for managing personalized content for audiences across Internet, Extranet and mobile.

Web Content Management

The intuitive, point and click user interface of CentricMinds enables any business author to publish responsive web content in a variety of ways.

CentricMinds has been chosen by a wide range of organizations for its intuitive, point and click web content management tools. Existing customers manage highly visible Internet sites that serve millions of page views per month, manage web content across multiple sites from a single authoring environment, and support thousands of authors working across multiple locations and time zones.

Supporting Business Requirements

CentricMinds also supports complex business requirements enabling web content to be published across Intranet, Extranet and Internet environments from a single management interface.

Content Authoring Tools

The web content authoring tools of CentricMinds enables the management of web, document content and data across different devices and environments. The web based content authoring environment enables non-technical business authors to feel comfortable with preparing, authoring and publishing web content across a single or multiple web destinations.

Multi-site Management

Imagine a single platform for managing your Internet site, Intranet, Extranet, Document and Asset Management requirements.

As organizations become increasingly data centric, the traditional arrangement of using separate technologies for managing external facing content (Internet sites), internal facing content (Intranet site), transactional data (Extranet site) and operational data (Document Management) becomes increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly to achieve using a collection of disparate applications.

Imagine a single platform to manage your Internet site(s), your corporate Intranet, Supplier & Contractor Extranet, and your dedicated Document Management requirements. A single technology platform that provides the necessary building blocks to achieve success across your key web assets.

CentricMinds is one of only a select few platforms that successfully delivers a single administration interface that enables non-technical and technical administrators to plan, produce and publish both structured and unstructured content to multiple audiences.

Multiple Deployment Models

CentricMinds provides unique opportunities to meet demanding and sophisticated web content management requirements and supports a range of deployment models that allow you to plan, produce and publish content across multiple locations according to very bespoke business requirements.

Common deployments include:

On Premise

Authoring, Staging and Production deployments can all be made to on premise hosted servers. This includes support for hosting these all together or separately across multiple servers and/or geographical locations. CentricMinds built-in replication manages content, security, metadata and search index synchronization across the servers and locations.


Authoring, Staging and Production deployments can all be made securely to cloud hosted servers. As a result of the ease of cloud hosting and the ability to implement true high availability with deployments across multiple geographic regions, this is a very popular choice.

Combination of On Premise and Cloud

Authoring, Staging and Production deployments can be made to a combination of on premise and cloud hosted servers. One common choice is to host a shared Authoring and Staging environment on premise, the Production Intranet on premise, and the Production Internet and/or Extranet sites in the cloud. CentricMinds built-in replication manages content, security, metadata and search index synchronization across the servers and locations.

Responsive Template Management

CentricMinds support your custom UI/UX requirements. There’s no restriction on the responsive design you might want to implement.

Custom UI/UX

CentricMinds supports a diverse range of custom UI/UX requirements, and supports single site to multi-site strategies encompassing hundreds of websites and brands across different territories.

Template Management

Front end developers can implement bespoke templates and manage these using the template and style management tools of CentricMinds.

Auto-scaling AWS Solution

CentricMinds can be used in an automated scaling scenario, being added and removed as desired, without any on-going assistance from AWS or CentricMinds.

CentricMinds powers large-scale Intranets (25,000+ staff) as well as high performance Internet sites (millions of unique sessions per month), and for these reasons we've developed CentricMinds to automatically scale to deal with the expectations placed on the platform.

Uniquely, CentricMinds supports a traditional on premise implementation, a Cloud based implementation (e.g. Amazon Web Services), and a combination of both (where replication and synchronization occur between single/multiple on premise deployments through to single/multiple cloud based deployments).

CentricMinds can also be deployed to provide an automated scalable environment on Amazon Web Services. This enables reduced costs in low load periods of activity and automatically scale to meet traffic requirements during high load periods.

The CentricMinds automated scalable environment includes:

Amazon S3 File & Media Repository Storage

The storage of all files and media in Amazon S3, rather than on each server, provides shared file storage and reduces required traffic going to each server.

Elastic Search

By utilizing Elastic Search, CentricMinds is able to provide scalable & distributed search indexes.

Amazon Relational Database Service

Making use of Amazon RDS to store data provides CentricMinds with a fast, scalable and highly available managed database.

Amazon Auto Scaling

Through implementing the three items above, the servers hosting CentricMinds don't include any author managed content and thus can be used in an automated scaling scenario of being added and removed as desired without any on-going assistance from AWS or the vendor. Amazon's Elastic Load Balancing is used to automatically share the traffic across the active servers.

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