Jan 2017
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Multi-Site Management Platform - A Case Study

One of the primary challenges that some brands face is scaling their digital footprint using a suitable web content management system. An enterprise CMS that can accommodate multiple Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments from one platform. A single platform that can also provide an intuitive and user friendly authoring experience for non-technical business users, and enable developers to extend the solution and interface with other applications.

Each of these unique environments demand specific needs. Everything from managing rich media and ecommerce content (Internet), to automating internal business process workflows and integrations with enterprise applications (Intranet), through to allowing third parties to access secure and personalized environments for managing their business interactions (Extranet). So how many platforms can rise to the occasion in managing these discrete content and data challenges?

Recently we assisted a global company implement 88 websites, a digital asset management environment supporting more than 4,000 assets and an Intranet. These unique environments were deployed using the CentricMinds platform.

Multiple Internet Site Management

To achieve the content management needs of so many individual websites, the CentricMinds platform was deployed in multi-site management mode. This enabled the setup, authoring and management of individual sites from a single content management interface. The unique in-context authoring environment enables business users to perform authoring tasks effortlessly across multiple sites. Following are some examples of these public facing websites.

CentricMinds dynamically displays product content across all 88 websites. This is based on individual product information being dynamically displayed in specific locations through metadata profiling. Individual products are managed once through CentricMinds and when they are edited or new products are added, their location and presentation is augmented using a combination of template logic, metadata and security associations.

From a content authoring perspective, specific workflows enable individual authors to create content to be displayed within the designated areas of their sites where organizational administrators are notified of the authoring actions and can review and either approve or decline new content before it’s published to the live sites.

Search is integral to the discovery of content buried within the stable of websites, and the integrated search engine ensures relevant content is returned within the context of which product website the end user is navigating.

An enterprise CMS that can accommodate multiple Internet, Intranet and Extranet environments from one platform.

Digital Asset Management

In addition to the myriad of content elements, navigation systems, forms and search requirements, CentricMinds was employed to replace the existing Digital Asset Management environment. The DAM supports more than 4,000 images, and enables the customer to manage multiple versions of each resource.

Leveraging the CentricMinds metadata tools, the customer can map their existing product categories to individual resources which supports the advanced searching of resources. Using the advanced Roles based security, only certain resources are presented to different audiences that the customer interacts with.

Asset Management administrators can publish new resource versions and comment on resources, while standard users are only permitted to access, search and download resources from the DAM environment.

Hunter Douglas' Digital Asset Manager Environment

A digital audit trail will track activity performed by users within the digital asset management environment, enabling a history profile to be generated to understand who is using which assets across the organization.

CentricMinds Digital Brand Asset Management Platform

Document Management

A significant challenge with any multi-site strategy is the publishing and management of documents across multiple locations and audiences. At the heart of CentricMinds is a powerful Document Management system that publishes a variety of content (policies, sales material, product brochures, operational templates, etc.) to multiple locations and audiences based on security and metadata associations.

CentricMinds Drive - Powerful File management

Strict version control enables administrators to make changes to document content, while restricting website authors to only select and list documents for display within their own websites.

CentricMinds also supports authoring from native environments including Office, Outlook, Dropbox and Google Drive and publishing of documents from these environments directly to Internet, Intranet and Extranet destinations.

Roles based security ensures specific documents are only accessible to certain audiences (both public and secure) and metadata associations enable certain documents to be referenced in single or multiple destinations across the suite of websites.

Lead Generation Management

One of the primary challenges that CentricMinds solved was the implementation of bespoke business rules relating to how inbound leads were captured and routed to the most appropriate dealer responsible for a certain region.

Both the Luxaflex website and the individual dealer websites contain prospective customer enquiry forms created using CentricMinds. Within the primary Luxaflex website the enquiry is dynamically allocated to the dealer who “owns” the region, with the lead appearing within the dealer’s personalized Extranet environment.

From this location, the dealer can action, track and find records relating to first enquiry through to converted sales. CentricMinds Administrators can filter, view online via the Extranet portal and produce reports of all leads across some or all regions.

All sales leads are dynamically populated into existing sales management environments. CentricMinds supports integrations with HubSpot, Eloqua and Salesforce to enable advanced and future sales lead management.

Digital Brand Management

It was imperative that the customer could powerfully create and display singular content pieces across a significant number of sites, and have powerful business rules around what content was to be displayed to which audiences.

The flexibility of the CentricMinds multi-site platform allowed the customer to house multiple template design sets to present individual websites.

With multiple organizational divisions (i.e. Luxaflex, Architectural & Components) all requiring different yet consistent branding globally, the customer required multiple User Interface design solutions to meet the varying brand and business needs.

The flexibility of the CentricMinds multi-site platform allowed the customer to house multiple design sets (supporting multiple individual template types for differing content and audiences) and present individual websites to ensure country specific sites matched global branding guidelines.

The required content management platform did not support a responsive design implementation, whereas CentricMinds supports a highly dynamic template solution that is both responsive and can augment presentation based on several business rules.

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