Team Collaboration

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Team Collaboration


Make your workspaces and Intranet more engaging by mentioning team members in your posts. Enable team members to discover each other.

Intranets are historically about one way traffic. Static one lane highways that don’t facilitate the importance of engaged knowledge workers who are eager to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

For most of us, we’re still locked into email silos to facilitate basic communication, and more recently some of us have evolved to using instant messaging for conversation management.

CentricMinds allows you to have conversations with team members with active links to web content, documents, forms, workspaces and more.

Being able to mention team members within your posts opens the door for enabling a greater number of users to discover new team members, learn about what’s happening at a project or organizational level and increases positive engagement.


Create powerful associations between content, conversations and business processes by adding tags to your workflows

Strategical Use of Tags

Providing the ability to associate content with other types of content inside your Intranet delivers powerful ways of building collections that can be useful when running projects.

Choose from the Pick-List

Enterprise Social Networks, like their consumer counterparts, enable users to tag content through free text entry. CentricMinds enables users to freely create tags, but will also identify if the user is attempting to use a tag that already exists. In this instance, CentricMinds will automatically present a pick-list of existing tags for the user to select from.

Choose Your Tag

When clicking on an existing tag, CentricMinds will present a new view and automatically display all content including pages, documents, users and discussions that are associated with the chosen tag.

Team Directory

Get to know whose who through the Team Directory. Discover team members through location, projects and more.

Active Directory Environment Integration

Get to know everyone across your organization using the team directory. Supporting integration with your Active Directory environment, users are displayed for your team to search across and discover other team members.


User metadata enables you to expand user profiles within the team directory to include custom fields such as location, expertise, language, projects users have worked on and more.

Organizational Chart View

The organizational chart enables you to view team members by organizational structure. Administrators can modify the org chart from within the Team Directory environment. Further configuration enables administrators to visualize team member dependencies and peers.

Discussion Groups

Setup public or private discussion groups to enable teams to run and manage new initiatives and get things done.

Secure and Fast

Point and click to start a discussion anywhere on your Intranet or Extranet. Enable team members to share thoughts on a new project initiative, brainstorm ideas and engage with external audiences securely.

Comments and Likes

Discussion groups support commenting and liking, supporting engagement amongst team members through real-time push notifications.

Access to Profiles

Access profiles of users who participate in discussions simply by clicking on their image and viewing their profile.

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