Workflow Management

CentricMinds Workflow Software enables non-technical team members to design, create and launch simple or complex workflows.

Workflow Management

Custom Workflow Processes

Design and deliver custom workflow processes for managing document delivery, form submission management, web content automation and more. Customers rely on CentricMinds Workflow Software to route and review content publishing tasks, ensuring team members review and accept form processes, and deliver documents to external parties for acceptance.

Non-Technical Users Welcomed

CentricMinds Workflow Software enables non-technical business users to create, test and run simple or complex workflow processes. Workflows can be associated to Roles, which influences how an entire group of users interact with content and document processes, and Metadata, enabling workflows to be triggered when certain use cases arise where metadata is selected from within a form or a location is not where content is published.

Track Custom Form Processes

The common use case for workflow within CentricMinds is the ability to track and manage custom form processes; HR and Payroll forms, Registration forms, Document Lodgement forms and more.

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