Task Management

Create custom tasks and push to individuals, or to a group of people. Team members receive push notifications in browser and via the CentricMinds app.

CentricMinds provides a set of task creation and management tools that enables organizations to design and publish custom tasks to one or multiple people.

Team members can see their tasks on the homepage
Team members can see their tasks on the homepage

The task calendar enables managers to define tasks and choose who to send individual tasks to for review and action.

Tasks will be presented to team members when they access the Intranet.

Task Automation
Clicking a task on the homepage presents their 'To Do' and To Manage tasks and Priority level
Task Automation
Clicking a task presents the task details
Task Automation
Managers can understand the progress of tasks using the reporting dashboard. They can quickly find out 'what's outstanding' and 'what's left to be done'

If they have the CentricMinds app installed, new tasks will appear on their home screen. Opening the app will present the associated task for review and action.

Managers can access the task reporting dashboard and view who has completed and who is yet to complete the associated task.

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