Intranet Form Builder & Management

Work toward a more efficient workplace with CentricMinds Intranet Form Builder and Form Management tools. With this cloud-based software, your business can transform simple processes like form submission and more complicated processes like form design and file management.

Form Management

Take advantage of the CentricMinds drag-and-drop form designer to create beautiful forms that make it easy for clients or employees to share vital information.

Track user actions, including form distribution, responses, and submissions.

Keep track of what's most important to your team with survey forms and response management.

Automate simple form-related processes, including file management and distribution to new clients or employees.

Digitize Forms and Form Management for a Better, More Organized Office

Digitize Forms and Form Management for a Better, More Organized Office

With CentricMinds form builder, your online forms can go from drab to fabulous with comprehensive customization tools that don't need a professional designer to navigate. Create custom forms that look great and function the way they're meant to.

Dynamic visuals and functionality in one

Get the answers you need from your team members or clients with fully customizable form fields. Use drop-down responses, multiple-choice checkboxes, and single-line or paragraph text to guide recipients through your forms and ensure your intranet forms are completed appropriately

Customizable Form Fields

Automate monotonous business processes such as data collections and form approvals with built-in automation. Let CentricMinds Intranet Form Builder help you put more time into your day with no-code automation processes that can be deployed with the click of a button.

Simplify Business Processes

Get your business on the right track by doing away with paper forms and adopting more sustainable green practices. Use the CentricMinds Intranet Form Builder to help create forms, store vital data, and transform into a fully digital workplace.

The digital workplace is challenged by user expectation, the need for managing bespoke information management requirements and the rigor of security and privacy.

Many organizations invest in Intranet software to solve these expectations, but historically many Intranets fail in their ability to deal with the complexities of these demands.

Design your own custom forms

Being able to design and publish bespoke forms for your Intranet provides enormous potential to accelerate the opportunity of solving these challenges. Using the most basic approach, organizations will use forms to run company wide surveys to poll staff on a myriad of delta’s; how can we improve ABC? What do you think of XYZ? Do you agree with A or B? When used more intelligently, forms can replace paper based processes, automate mundane tasks, provide real-time reporting metrics and place more relevant data at the hands of the people who need it now.

Drag & Drop Form Designer

The drag and drop Form Designer in CentricMinds was created for non-technical business users to build single or multi-part forms. These are the team members who know what the form should do, and what information they want to capture. These team members understand the business case, the expected business process and the type of data they want to collect in order to influence a positive business decision.

Build Forms That Gather Data on Your Terms

Gone are the days of templated forms and free online survey tools that lack branding and legitimacy. Use CentricMinds Intranet Form Builder to create forms that get the data you need without compromising on data quality or corporate branding.

  • Drag and drop builder lets you customize the look and feel of your forms to ensure they're cohesive with your brand
  • Use conditional logic to create form questions that self-populate based on previous answers
  • Automate your intranet workflow to approve or decline form requests, store forms and analyze responses based on unique parameters determined by you

Get the Information You Need With Built-In Analytics

Gain valuable insight into how your employees or clients interact with your intranet forms with CentricMinds analytics tools. Using Google Analytics, CentricMinds provides you with visuals and broken-down data to help you better understand important form responses, as well as other details such as intranet user data and engagement with internal tools.

  • Store and interpret form responses automatically with Google Analytics algorithms
  • Track intranet visits and determine which tools and resources your team uses most
  • Monitor activity on documents and files stored within your company intranet

Automate Your HR Department

Build custom contact forms and HR forms to help your human resources department stay ahead of the game. Utilize the CentricMinds Intranet Form Builder to automate business operations so your HR team can focus on their most important duty—helping your team succeed.

  • Automate scheduling and payroll with custom HR forms
  • Ensure your HR team can navigate benefits administration hassle-free by automating form approvals and submissions
  • Create custom contact forms that enable employees to communicate with your HR department on demand

Secure Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Form Data

CentricMinds offers on-site or cloud-based intranet solutions for companies of all sizes. When utilizing cloud storage, your company intranet is stored in your private cloud, hosted by a service such as Azure or Amazon Web Services. That means no on-site server storage, no in-house IT server pros, and dramatically reduced operating expenses.

  • Forms and files can be stored in your own private cloud instead of housed onsite, reducing the risk of physical damage or corruption.
  • Document storage costs are dramatically reduced with cloud storage thanks to no on-site servers or administrators and lower utility costs

Ensure a Better Experience for Your Team

CentricMinds provides users with an array of tools to ensure a positive experience in the workplace. In addition to a unique set of form-building and management tools, CentricMinds offers an all-in-one solution to help you and your team members get the most out of your workday.

  • CentricMinds is a centralized solution to file management, document control, internal communication, form management, and workflow automation.
  • Build a detailed team directory with a built-in social-network-style platform that features employee profile photos, hashtags, and location tags. Employees can use their profiles to share experiences, projects, and even personal tidbits so that everyone under your umbrella can get to know each other a bit better, even when you're working with remote teams.
  • Schedule and stay up to date on tasks with intranet workflow management.
  • Reduce the time you and your team spend searching for data with streamlined document management tools that integrate with everything from Google Drive to Sharepoint.
  • Broadcast company news, blog post announcements, and other important information to your team or the company with CentricMinds broadcast messaging tools.

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