Jun 2017
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The Mobile Intranet. The Anytime, Anywhere Solution To Digitizing Healthcare

Healthcare workers face a long list of pain points on the job including repetitive data entry, worker shortages, communication breakdowns, and much more.

Healthcare workers face a long list of pain points on the job including repetitive data entry, worker shortages, communication breakdowns, and much more.

With all the daily stresses healthcare workers face, there’s one common denominator underscoring the majority of those pain points: time. Gaping organizational inefficiencies prevent doctors, nurses, aides and other healthcare workers from optimal use of time that should be devoted to better quality patient care.

Six types of waste in healthcare could be costing as much as $935 billion annually. One of the biggest sources of waste is “administrative complexity,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. William Shrank, chief medical officer at Humana, Inc., a for-profit U.S. health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Time is wasted on many things, including searching for information, answering questions, waiting on answers, seeing patients who don’t necessarily need office visits, sifting through data to find answers to problems and of course, the administration work of running an organization.

Helping healthcare workers gain more time in their day starts by ensuring they have access to technology that is easily adopted into their existing workflows, keeping pace with the demands of the day and streamlining job functions. Most important of all, it’s got to be mobile. Healthcare workers are extremely mobile, and they need a agile technology that will empower them with the information and collaboration tools they need to optimize their time.

A mobile Intranet provides effective solutions in answering the healthcare industry’s time problem, enhancing various processes for doctors, nurses, aides and other workers by effectively bringing people together with information anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Stop Chasing Information

Instant access to information leads to faster, more informed decision making for better quality care. Whether it’s a colleague or employee’s contact information, patient files, documents, forms, or updated safety information, it should be on hand when and where it’s needed. Doctors and nurses are very mobile and always on the frontlines, moving from patient to patient throughout the day. In this day and age, they shouldn’t have to lug around a laptop or access a PC to get the information or files they need.

Access to information should be seamless, regardless of device. Mobile Intranets keep healthcare professionals updated and connects them to important information from their phone, tablet or smart watch. A powerful mobile Intranet search mean that tracking down data, files, documents, answers and more is always within reach.

Easy Collaboration for Better Patient Care

Communicating and collaborating with colleagues, employees and patients via email, meetings or pen and paper is not efficient. The Intranet is the central hub of communication, and by keeping it mobile, healthcare workers can instantly communicate and collaborate with anyone no matter where they are. Timing is critical in healthcare, and no one should have to wait for answers or information in order to work quickly and effectively. A mobile Intranet allows healthcare workers to easily and securely communicate and collaborate with one another as a group or privately, as well as privately with patients.

Cut Down on Office Visits

Did you know 70% of U.S. doctor’s office visits can be handled via phone, text or email? It’s mind boggling just how many patient office visits are unnecessary. Many of patient’s medical questions do not require the full attention of a doctor, but all patients need and deserve sound medical answers to their health concerns.

A mobile Intranet with a patient portal would ensure patients get quality information when they need it, cutting down on unnecessary face time with doctors and nurses, saving time for everyone. The secure nature of Intranet helps patients feel confident that communication is private and respective of HIPAA - there’s no chance of someone else accidentally hearing a phone message or reading a text or email.

Empower Patients with Trusted Information

Nearly everyone has a mobile device within reach at all times, making a mobile Intranet highly accessible. As an authorized platform of doctor-approved information, patients will go to their healthcare Intranet to find answers to health questions rather than defaulting to search engines that may or may not provide quality information. This could take the form of private one-on-one communication, a patient portal providing answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.

Provide Quality Remote Patient Care

Remote care is about being able to extend care to people no matter where they are. Healthcare workers should have secure mobile access to patient information and data from anywhere, and they should be able to extend that information to others within their field if given patient approval. Information sharing made possible with Intranet opens enormous possibilities in collaborative medicine and treatment options.

For example, if a patient doesn’t live near a doctor specializing in his or her condition, the patient should be able to receive a certain degree of care from that specialist. With mobile Intranet, specialists from around the world should be able to easily communicate and collaborate with primary care physicians and patients to provide care without the time and expense required to travel.

Mobile Intranets Align Healthcare Organizations

Most current systems and platforms used for communication, collaboration, and information storage in the healthcare industry are fragmented, preventing widespread accessibility to needed collateral. This results in time wasted due to double data entry from the patient and physician side, as well as difficulty in searching for and finding needed information, and maintaining cohesion among different healthcare organizations.

Mobile Intranets promote seamless workflows from anywhere by providing secure access to the information and data healthcare workers need, even if they work in a different location or even for a different organizations.

Digitize Healthcare with a Mobile Intranet

Digitizing a broken process won’t work for widespread advancements in the delivery of healthcare. True optimization of how doctors, nurses, aides and other healthcare workers use their time must ensure ROI includes a massive increase in productivity and enables access to cost-effective quality care for more people.

A mobile Intranet is fast, efficient, and easy to use for everyone, allowing workers to be informed, agile and more responsive. Considering that American health spending is expected to reach $5 trillion by 2021, making it 20% of GDP, it’s clear that greater efficiencies in how healthcare workers spend their time will significantly move the economic needle. This translates to an increase in productivity, a decrease in costs, and most important of all, better quality care for people no matter where they are.

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