Announcing CentricMinds Content Cloud

Jun 2022
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An increasing number of organizations are seeking solutions that address privacy, security, and perhaps more importantly - data sovereignty. What has typically been driven by Healthcare, Financial Services, and Government, data ownership and governance is increasingly top of mind for the C-suite when procuring technology. But how does one achieve this when the majority of SaaS vendors have an 'our cloud or it's nothing' stance on where and how your content and data are managed.

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CentricMinds is pleased to announce Content Cloud, an enterprise container ready for deployment into your own tenancy; AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Product (GCP) are all supported. Now you can publish and own all of your content, securely within your choice of cloud.

As more organizations formalize their operations in the cloud, the acceptance for storing sensitive content and data on foreign soil is a continuous topic of discussion. SaaS products deliver tools and services to transform and improve how work gets done, but this comes at the cost of where and how your content is managed. CentricMinds Content Cloud addresses these concerns on the topic of data sovereignty by putting the Software In Your Cloud, as a Service - SIYCaaS - ok, probably not going to stick as a new acronym.

CentricMinds Content Cloud also exposes key content management services through a suite of new API's, allowing developers to connect Content Cloud with more than 2,000+ other SaaS apps through Zapier, including our own native integrations.

CentricMinds has focused on designing collaboration tools for non-technical business users who want to extend the software using our no-code tools across Content and Document Management, Tasks, Forms and Workflow. Following are the key utilization scenarios of CentricMinds Content Cloud.

Document Management

With Content Cloud, you can deploy and configure your very own dropbox-type Document Management repository. Your content, in your tenancy. Unlimited Users and unlimited storage (based on your storage preferences and cloud provisioning). Setup and deliver a secure and personalized document sharing and storage solution for your organization, and quickly invite 3rd parties to join your private DMS cloud - branded as your own. High Availability environments with OKTA integration are also supported. Read more on CentricMinds File Sharing & Management.

Media Management

Content Cloud gives your organization its very own video streaming solution. Your content, in your tenancy. Upload popular video formats into CentricMinds and have them encoded into mp4's. Provide users with the ability to browse, search and play videos from their browser. Users can search, tag, and apply security enabling you to manage personalized video experiences for different audiences. Read more on CentricMinds Digital Media Management. (link:

Internal Comms - Personalized and targeted communication

CentricMinds Internal Comms publishing enables comm and marketing teams to design, personalize and publish comms and target them at groups and individuals. Comms feature royalty-free media gallery, browser based editing, and cropping tools, and a canvas for creating discrete communication graphics. Turn your drab email-based comms into media rich interactive posts. Read more on Internal Comms.

Employee App

Imaging delivering your very own branded iOS and Android app across the entire organization. Dang! CentricMinds Mobile App connects with Content Cloud and enables users to perform Document Management activities; browse CentricMinds Drive, and preview and comment on documents. Review and approve Workflows and respond to Tasks all from their Android or iPhone.

CentricMinds chat is our native real-time chat which enables team members to chat one on one, or with many, and all securely managed from within you own cloud. Read more on the CentricMinds Employee App.

Workflow Portal

Most workflow software is either too expensive or doesn't quite achieve the business process you're trying to automate, and which is specific to how you do things. CentricMinds Workflow is native to the Content Cloud - not a 3rd party product that is encumbered with its own licensing and support issues. Existing customers utilize CentricMinds workflow to automate Documents, Forms, Tasks and User actions. Because workflow is native to Content Cloud you can workflow just about anything, in very discrete and powerful ways. Read more on CentricMinds Workflow Management.

Enterprise Tasks

How do you ensure your team, and your clients, successfully completed what evolve into complex operational procedures. Tasks come in all shapes and sizes; from simple two-step tasks between a few people to a multi-step / multi-day fulfillment process that must be followed and actioned by hundreds of people across multiple time zones.

Granular Security Model

CentricMinds Content Cloud provides an out of the box Users, Groups, and Roles security model enabling you to connect and synchronize with an Azure AD source, or manually create and manage accounts for secure access by 3rd party audiences (clients, contractors, students, suppliers, etc.)

Pricing & Availability

CentricMinds Content Cloud will be released in 2H 2022. Pricing will be based on 1 or multiple Production Server environments (irrespective of cloud) and licensing will start at $US25,000 per year.