CentricMinds Ranked a High Performance Employee Intranet and Team Collaboration Platform in 2021

Jan 2021
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How do you know if a product is any good? Public feedback from customers who rave about it over and over again!

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Over 5 million people used G2 Crowd in 2020 to evaluate software and educate themselves about the products on offer. G2 Crowd is the most trustworthy source for independent buyers who rely on G2 Crowd's real-time and unbiased user reviews to help them objectively assess what software is best for their organizations.

We are happy to announce that for the 3rd time consecutively, CentricMinds has been ranked as high-performance employee Intranet software and now also a top Team Collaboration solution by its customers.

Why do customers continue to choose us?

Our solution is designed to help teams manage all their everyday tasks using one platform. So they can stay productive and stay connected.

Why do customers rate our Employee Intranet Software so high?

Employee Intranets provide staff with a centralized location to work together, share files, communicate, learn, give and receive feedback, and collaborate on a variety of tasks.

Employee Intranet Software allows organizations to cherry-pick or bundle features from other types of software like internal communications platforms, business content management or document management platforms. If the intranet doesn’t provide a feature natively, it will often integrate with common or frequently used software solutions and enable users to access it from inside their Intranet portal.

To qualify for inclusion in the Employee Intranet category, a product must:

  • Provide access to, or the ability to create, an online portal with predefined access
  • Allow for collaboration, communication, and file sharing within defined groups
  • Be customizable

SharePoint versus CentricMinds Customers Satisfaction Rating

All of CentricMinds Satisfactory ratings are sitting above 80% which is a staggering figure and we couldn’t be happier!

Additionally, G2 reviewers are likely to recommend Microsoft SharePoint only by 79%, compared to 92% for CentricMinds.

Satisfaction Rating on G2's Report for Employee Intranet | Winter 2021 - G2 reviewers rated software sellers' ability to satisfy their needs as shown on table above.

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