Transform Your Workplace - Best Intranet Software 2024 - Top 15 Picks

Jan 2024
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Are you looking for the best intranet software to improve collaboration and productivity in your company? There's no need to look any further! Discover the best intranet software options for 2024 that will transform the way your teams collaborate. Join us as we explore these exceptional intranet platforms that will make a big impact this year.

The right intranet software will transform your organization in 2024 by bringing teams together and enabling seamless collaboration. The Best Intranet Software goes beyond technology to address the challenges that modern workplaces face.

These top employee intranet options for 2024, with their user-friendly interfaces and powerful features, will:

  • Streamline communication
  • Improve teamwork
  • Foster a stronger sense of commitment among your employees

These intranet platforms have the potential to improve company culture and create a positive work environment, regardless of your industry or company size.

Discover the best intranet software for 2024 and improve collaboration.

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1. CentricMinds

The CentricMinds Intranet Software App is the ultimate solution for creating a positive and connected workplace. Its purpose is to streamline communication, improve employee engagement, and make collaboration a regular part of the daily workflow. With CentricMinds Intranet solutions, your organization can effectively connect people, processes and work to create a more productive and cohesive environment.

Collaboration is at the core of every feature in CentricMinds. The app provides different ways to connect and work with teams, including conversations using chat and channels, posting, sharing and commenting on news articles and important updates. Polls, surveys and the unique ability to check the emotional state of your teams allow for gathering feedback from employees.

Additionally, group discussions create communities based on shared interests and work-related topics. The team directory helps you to discover colleagues and collaborate, while CentricMinds Drive efficiently stores, organizes, and shares files. Task management is also made easy with features that allow for effortless monitoring of completion percentages and tracking upcoming assignments.

CentricMinds Forms and Workflow Automation tools go beyond collaboration to enhance your organization's processes. With drag and drop forms, workflow features that automate manual tasks, notifications and reminders to keep decisions moving forward without delay, CentricMinds ensures productivity and progress in work. All these features exist within your workspace, providing a comprehensive solution that supports task management, automate workflows, collaborates, manages documents, and provides timely reminders, contributing to moving work forward effectively.

In summary, CentricMinds Intranet App is the ultimate solution for creating a positive, productive, and connected workplace. Its features are designed to streamline communication, improve employee engagement, and make collaboration a regular part of your daily workflow. With CentricMinds, your organization can effectively connect people, processes, and work, providing a comprehensive solution that supports productivity and progress in work.

Top Features

1. Robust chat and channel functionality for seamless team communication.

2. News posting natively from your phone, sharing, and commenting to keep everyone informed and actively engage.

3. Employees can engage by sharing fun and work-related content to chat channels, and group feeds creating a vibrant friendly social digital employee experience.

4. Amplify the reach of your news and company updates with powerful news-boosting options.

5. Polls, surveys, and emotional health check-ins for valuable insights and team well-being.

6. Group discussions to foster communities based on shared interests and work-related topics.

7. People directory for easy colleague discovery and collaboration.

8. CentricMinds Drive for efficient file storage, organization, and collaboration.

9. Effortless task management with progress monitoring and assignment tracking.

10. Forms and workflow automation to streamline processes and eliminate manual tasks.

11. Automated notifications and reminders to keep decisions moving forward without delays.

12. Comprehensive document management capabilities to support collaboration and information sharing.

13. Search that goes beyond Intranet pages and uniquely searches through documents including PDF to give results fast.

14. Recognize colleagues with posts and badges based on your organization's core values, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition in the workplace.

15. Tag content and provide easy organization and quick retrieval of related information, improving efficiency and accessibility in your digital workspace.

16. Set up dedicated pages as workspaces for teams, projects, or daily operations, fostering focused collaboration and streamlined workflow management.

17. Analytics feature for tracking and analyzing important metrics, including workflows, task completion, and engagement levels.

18. Secure Workspace Portals enables secure document access, form completion, document signing, and collaboration for customers, clients, and partners.

19. Seamlessly integrate CentricMinds Intranet with Google Workspace and Office 365 for a unified digital workplace experience.

20. Synchronize content from Google Workspace, SharePoint,OneDrive, and Dropbox for seamless centralized access and management.

21. Robust security features so that your content is seen by the right people.

22. Deliver a fully branded employee experience that reflects your company from your logo to your branding colors. Make it unique to your company.

23. Enhance your processes and unlock limitless possibilities with CentricMinds seamless integrations with popular business applications.


CentricMinds offers unbeatable value with features and added perks like a Team Directory, Forms, Workflow Automation, Task Management, External Portal Management. Pricing can be viewed here.

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2. Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint offers organizations a feature set that allows for seamless integration with other Microsoft products. It enables businesses to build secure sites where internal teams can access, find, and store content. It allows you to create web pages, data lists, links, and store documents and images so that employees can access and share them. It provides basic workflows.

Top Features

  • Efficient document storage and sharing.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft tools for streamlined workflows.
  • Robust security features ensure controlled access to sensitive information.


SharePoint Online Plan 2 full featured $10 per user per month

3. Slack

Slack makes team collaboration simple. It provides real-time messaging and huddles, which are video calls. It provides a canvas for documenting work, adding images, and sharing knowledge. Admins and users can create channels for various teams, projects, or events. It allows you to instantly share a file and chat with colleagues. It offers Slack Connect, which allows you to communicate with people outside of your organization in order to collaborate. It also integrates with other apps and sends out personalized notifications to keep everyone informed. 

Top Features:

  • Chat messaging for instant team communication.
  • Channel-based system for focused conversations.
  • Extensive integrations


Slack Business + with all the features of pro and business + $12.50 per user per month

4. Workvivo

Workvivo is a great platform for connecting team members, increasing engagement, and creating a happy workplace culture. It's like having a social network made just for your own workplace, with a familiar user interface. Just like on popular social media sites, you can stay up-to-date and share news by using news feeds, comments, and hashtags. You can have conversations in real time, and recognize your peers for their hard work and successes. Workvivo lets you customize your experience to match your company's unique vibe and values.

Top Features:

  • Social Engagement Platform
  • Collaborative Communication Tools
  • Employee Recognition


Workvivo Pricing not publicly available. Request a demo.

5. Simpplr

Simpplr is an Intranet solution that makes it easier for employees to talk to each other and work together. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy for employees to move around and find what they need. The platform's content management system makes it easy to create and manage content, and its search feature makes it easy to find relevant resources quickly. Simpplr also has social engagement features to get employees to talk to each other and work together. Overall, Simpplr is a good choice for companies that want to improve how their employees communicate and work together.

Top Features:

  • Easy to Use Experience
  • Post targeted content based on specific factors. 
  • Integration with top cloud applications


Simpplr Price offers are tailored quotes, depending on your business needs.

6. Staffbase

Staffbase is an easy-to-use platform for internal communication between employees. It makes the whole process of creating internal communications campaigns easier for teams. It gives you tools to help you plan and keep track of your communications. You can plan, send, and track your content all from the same place. Then, share to employees through different channels, such as a mobile app, an intranet on a desktop, email, Microsoft 365, and even signs. It also has chat and supports multiple languages.

Top Features:

  • Schedule and post targeted content.
  • Send formatted email newsletters with analytics.
  • Streamline updates and communication.


Staffbase Pricing Not listed on the website, ask for a quote.

7. Workplace by Meta

Workplace by Meta is a well-known platform that’s designed to help organizations collaborate and remain connected. It provides a workspace where employees can communicate, contribute thoughts, and collaborate effectively. It has features such as video chat, news and group feeds, and, of course, analytics. Workplace is a collaboration tool that relies heavily on communication to help people feel like they belong at work. Employees can stay up to date on news, participate in video discussions, use Workplace chat across teams, and participate in polls and surveys.

Top Features:

  • Video and audio communication calls.
  • Chat with instant messaging
  • Initiate voice call conversations easily.


Workplace $2 per user per month - Enterprise Live

8. Haiilo

Haiilo offers a versatile intranet solution with both desktop and employee app. With its brand advocacy tool, designated individuals can share branded employee content on chosen social platforms. The platform includes news and announcements, social collaboration, chat functionality, and engagement measurement. It's simple to share content with colleagues with Haiilo's feature set, which lets teams easily share information and collaborate using wiki-style team knowledge hubs, streamlining workflow.

Top Features:

  • Engagement tracking with intelligent surveys
  • User-friendly interface
  • Share employer branded content on LinkedIn


Haiilo Pricing available on request.

9. Blink

Blink's platform improves company collaboration and communication. Its easy-to-use interface and well-crafted features make it ideal for coordinating teams, especially frontline ones. Blink offers chat, news feeds, file sharing, and recognition. So employees can successfully interact, exchange knowledge, and engage in conversations.

Blink helps teams collaborate, get feedback, and work faster. It saves time by letting you create or use prebuilt forms to collect data and send it to the right people. Blink helps companies create more open, collaborative, and friendly workplaces.

Top Features:

  • Quick and Easy Staff Adoption.
  • Real-time Communication for Non-Desk Employees
  • Central document storage and access


Blink Starts at $3.40 per person per month. Enterprise Pricing on Application.

10. Confluence

Confluence is a collaborative control room for organizations. The platform gives everyone a chance to come together to share knowledge and work collaboratively. Departments, teams, projects, and work communities can all have their own spaces. In Confluence, spaces are destinations, where team members can add pages, work collaboratively to document and complete information, and share it. You can create pages from scratch or use a template as your starting point. Confluence makes creating documents, entering data, adding comments, and sharing files simple. With home and personalized feed features, your entire workplace can stay organized and up-to-date by quickly accessing recent spaces, continuous work, and drafts. Plus, teams can add apps from the Atlassian Marketplace, such as workflow, surveys, and whiteboards, to tailor their experience to their own job demands.

Top Features:

  • Dynamic content with macros
  • Secure archiving of high-value content
  • Smooth integration with the Atlassian suite


Confluence $5.75 standard plan allows for 100 users

11. Sociabble

Sociabble is a communication and engagement platform designed with a mobile-first experience; you can also view content on desktop, intranet, and social networks such as LinkedIn. You can communicate essential information to teams, like corporate updates. Staff can join in the fun by sharing inspiring content in themed channels. Recognizing staff achievements is made easy with points and badges, and colleagues can celebrate each other's work by awarding badges to their teammates. Additionally, Sociabble provides an employee advocacy platform to help build employer branding and personal branding, allowing employees to push content to social media sites to help them attract and retain talent. The platform's analytics give insights into how effectively your company communicates.

Top Features:

  • Responsive customer support
  • User-friendly administration interface
  • Release regular newsletters to staff


Sociabble Pricing details are given on inquiry.

12. Unily

Unily’s platform for employee experiences helps people at work communicate, work together, and progress. Unily provides an employee app and desktop intranet experience. You can connect with your teams using features like internal communications, document storage, and social interactions such as conversations, likes, and @mentions. Modify your intranet by giving each team, location, or front-line staff a homepage that is just for them. Employees can customize their news feeds by opting in to receive updates that are most relevant to their roles and interests. Engage more people by sending regular email newsletters straight from the platform. Unily's intranet includes built-in recognition features such as ‘"leaderboards" and "kudos”, giving you an effective way to celebrate top performers and lift your employee morale.

Top Features:

  • Flexible product
  • Good search capability
  • Great customer support


Unily Pricing Not listed. Request a pricing quote.

13. Connecteam

Connecteam is an all-in-one employee management and workforce app for businesses. It arms employees with essential tools to work and communicate efficiently in one place. Through the communications hub, employees can chat with colleagues, share news, conduct surveys, and provide feedback. The operations hub simplifies coordination by enabling shift scheduling, time tracking, task management, and form submission. Managers can receive automated detailed reports to enhance workflow. The HR hub engages employees with features like recognition, training, quizzes, and the ability to request time off. Connecteam gives you a centralized location for uploading, storing, and managing employee files, including certifications and employment verification forms. With Connecteam, businesses can keep everyone on the same page, empower their employees, and streamline operations.

Top Features:

  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Team communication chat
  • Easy to Use


Connecteam Free up to 10 users. $29 per month for 12 months 30 users - Basic Operations plan

14. Jostle

Jostle’s platform is geared toward employee success, promoting a culture of connection and ensuring employees can locate the resources they need. Applications for both desktop and mobile devices are available. Jostle's targeted activity feed functions almost like a wall, plastered with news and updates. The shout-out feature lets people celebrate and bring attention to team members' accomplishments. The solution keeps everyone updated on the latest happenings across the business.

Jostle helps you find information with its centralized library and integrates with Google Workspace for easy management. Plan ahead and inform others about events with the event feature. Have conversations and get feedback through discussions. Jostle markets itself as a platform for employee success rather than an intranet solution. Still, it achieves the same goals in terms of employee engagement, team collaboration, and access to company resources.

Top Features:

  • Shout out feature
  • AI Generated Newsletter
  • Easy setup


Jostle $10.10 per month for 150 users pricing edition Gold (annual subscription).

15. Firstup

Firstup is a workforce communications platform that allows you to communicate, engage, and recognize your employees. The creator studio is where you can create communications campaigns, engagement surveys, and polls. The platform uses machine learning, so you'll know the best time, format, and channel to send your message to get the best results.The platform uses machine learning to provide insights into the best time, format, and channel to share your communication so that it reaches the people who are most likely to engage with it. FirstUp delivers mobile and web applications. It integrates with Microsoft, so you can push content to Microsoft Teams channels to target particular audiences. Firstup mobile app offers, polls, surveys, access to news, links, and valuable company resources. It also gives you solid analytics to help you understand how effective your communication is.

Top Features:

  • Multilingual communication support
  • Predictive Insights - Comms recommendations
  • Company News fee


Firstup Pricing Not Listed. Get a Quote

How to Choose the Best Intranet Software App?

  1. Know Your Teams: Consider the Individual Characteristics of Your Workforce
  • Think about your workforce dynamics, such as mobility (physically active o the go or in front of computer) and their work environments.
  • Determine whether a large number of employees are frequently on the move or work in fast-paced, dynamic environments.
  • Examine the makeup of your teams, how many office personnel vs frontline teams.
  • Determine whether most of your employees work part-time, casual, or full-time.
  • Examine their work environment, including the nature of their tasks, the layout of their workspace, employee interaction, and the overall atmosphere at work (does your employee engagement need improving?).
  • Learn about your team's needs in order to choose an intranet app that meets their needs the best.
  1. Catering to Mobile Teams:
  • Opt in for a dedicated intranet app, also known as an Employee App and Employee Management App.
  • Ensure the app can be easily installed and accessed on mobile devices so your teams are always connected.
  • Provide seamless communication features, such as chat, instant messaging, and calls.
  • Enable access to work-related information, including tasks, jobs, schedules and documents
  • Offer functionality for handling shifts, completing and checking off tasks, and requesting time off or calling in sick.
  • Offer functionality for collecting data on the job by filling out digital forms in the app.
  • Provide real-time updates and alerts to keep your mobile teams informed.
  • Give workers and supervisors the opportunity to publicly recognize one another with "shout-outs" and acknowledge team achievements with "posts." You'll see an uptick in company culture, team spirit, and productivity with minimal effort on anyone's part.
  • Enhance productivity and communication for teams operating outside the traditional office setting.
  1. Boosting Collaboration (Mix of Office and Frontline Teams):
  • Blending a desktop intranet with an employee app is a great way to improve teamwork (both in the office and for teams that are on their feet in retail, food service industry, healthcare, transport etc).
  • Give employees in the office easy desktop access to intranet tools and features.
  • Make sure the desktop intranet has advanced collaboration features like file sharing and project management.
  • Allow your mobile teams to easily share information and access their job-related information through the app.
  • Provide mobile-friendly tools, such as task management and fast communication channels, for frontline teams.
  • Encourage teamwork by setting up shared workspaces, discussion groups, and other team collaboration tools for use by employees in the office and those that are mobile to create community and knowledge sharing.
  • Task assignment, status monitoring, and alerts all contribute to a well-managed workflow regardless of where you work.
  • Choose an app that seamlessly connects your office and frontline teams, eliminating gaps and enabling smooth communication, collaboration, and coordination for increased workplace efficiency and cohesiveness.
  1. Integration:
  • Check to see if the intranet and employee app can integrate with other tools and systems your company uses, such as project management software, CRM systems, and HRIS platforms.
  • Check that the integration allows for seamless data flow and reduces work duplication.
  • Look for an app that centralizes information in a single location for easier access and management.
  • The integration you choose should eliminate manual tasks and save time.

Choose an intranet software app that fits your team's needs. Consider how they work and their work environment. Look for an app that connects office and frontline teams, making communication easy. Make sure it integrates with your existing tools. With the right app, you'll create a collaborative workplace where your company and its people can thrive.

Key questions to ask

How quickly can employees use the app?

  • Consider the perspective of your employees or end users. How easy is it for them to use the app? Is it intuitive and user-friendly?
  • Can your teams quickly learn to use it and incorporate it into their daily routines?
  • Can you measure the value it brings? Does it save time and make collaboration easier?
  • These questions are important to determine the usability and effectiveness of the app.

What's the total cost of the intranet app?

  • In addition to setup fees, integration fees, and charges for additional users, consider other potential costs associated with the intranet app.
  • Carefully review the pricing structure, terms, and renewal terms to avoid any surprises or unexpected expenses.
  • It's important to have a clear understanding of the long-term cost implications.

What systems should it integrate with, and what about authentication?

  • Evaluate the necessity of integrating the app with other systems, such as HRIS, and determine if it aligns with your current setup.
  • Consider how easily casual workers can download and use the app if they don't have company email. Explore alternative authentication methods like user-specific accounts or cell phone numbers.

What security features does the intranet app offer?

  • From an employee's perspective, assess the app's security features to protect sensitive data.
  • Check if the app supports mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) solutions to enforce security policies, remote data wipe, or device lockdown in case of theft or loss.
  • Look for granular access controls and secure authentication options like two-factor authentication.

What kind of customer support do you provide for the intranet app?

  • Inquire about the available customer support channels and their response times.
  • Determine the support hours and levels of customer support that suit your needs.
  • Ask about bug fixing and issue resolution, including the vendor's responsiveness to reported problems.

What is the app's update and release frequency?

  • Ask about the frequency of app updates provided by the vendor.
  • Find out if the vendor releases regular updates addressing bug fixes, security issues, and performance enhancements.
  • Inquire about their process for adding new features and functionality to the app and whether they consider customer feedback.

By asking these questions, you can ensure that the intranet app fits your current setup, meets your objectives, and provides value to your company and your teams.

Choosing the Right Intranet Software App

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