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Feb 2021
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You’ve just entered into an agreement with a new B2B customer. It’s a great feeling, and we’ve all been there. With both parties moving forward, first impressions count. But your customer onboarding experience lets you down. Maybe you’re still emailing signed documents that you’ve scanned, or all of the documents in the engagement process are paper-based. For contracts and agreements, it’s not just arduous and slow, it’s also error-prone. What could it cost you and your customer if something was missed? 

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You appreciate the investment required to onboard a new B2B customer or new partner. You’ve likely invested weeks, or even months of time and effort. And then finally, it’s time to start working together in building opportunity and increasing your market share. You hit send on that engagement email with the seven attached documents for your new customer to work through and complete. And then all you get is SILENCE. Your onboarding process has stalled. You follow up with multiple emails in the hope they will complete and sign everything, and complete it correctly. And then they start sending things back. Not together, but in different emails, and in some emails they forget the right attachment. So they ask their assistant to send it – and she sends it from her Hotmail account, and it sits in your junk mail folder because you rarely check your junk mail folder. And the agreement date for commencement was … yesterday.

Is it time to rethink your B2B customer onboarding process?

Maybe it’s time to rethink how you are onboarding your customers, partners and vendors. You may be struggling using a blend (let’s be honest here and call it digital spaghetti), like email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, DocuSign, one of the many form platforms. Or worse, you’re printing and scanning hard copy documents and then attaching them to email as a PDF. Not only is it costing time, but attempting to remember who got what and when they have to respond is the stuff of nightmares.

A client portal gives you a single platform for you, your team, your customers, partners and vendors to collaborate, manage and track all activities. A client portal lets you standardize your business processes and eliminate the guesswork and error. It provides you with a consistent error-free and transparent business process, from start to finish. A client portal streamlines the heavy lifting of doing business with all the different audiences you interact with on a constant basis.

How can you simplify your onboarding process using a client portal?

Designing a client portal using CentricMinds enables you to launch simple or complex processes that capture the bespoke ways in which you conduct your business. Registration and application forms, contracts, signature pages. All the stuff that goes into how you do business. Add custom branding, create custom welcome messaging, add key contacts. Send your customers, partners and vendors tasks for them to complete and follow through the onboarding journey.

Creating a personalized user experience starts with your customers logging into your client portal and seeing their branding, including a list of tasks for them to action, online forms to complete along with e-signatures, and onboarding information including guides to review, training material, video and more. A client portal in CentricMinds enables you to communicate through the chat tools, monitor task completion and monitor workflow processes that help you guide your customers through to the next step.

Faster than you think

CentricMinds provides intuitive tools for wrangling even the most complex of processes and enabling non-technical users to use our ‘no code’ approach to designing solutions for managing your customers. We allow you to take time consuming, repetitive tasks and put them on autopilot. Implementing workflows can be the most efficient way of achieving this through a ‘design once, use everywhere’ approach.

CentricMinds Workflows Feature

For example, when your customers or partners complete your online forms, your team who manage and approve these steps will receive notifications and can take action right inside the portal. You and your team can review, edit, authorize and manage tasks all in one convenient location. This automation will enable you to accelerate and scale your processes, from approvals to requests for information and more.

Now consider how you’re currently performing these tasks with your customers, partners and vendors. Frustrating and broken are two words that probably come to mind.

Customer Reporting

How would you like to see, in real-time, which customers have completed which tasks in your portal? Reporting helps you to view how your customers and partners are progressing through your portal, ultimately helping reduce the management complexity of your onboarding processes.

Top 10 Features and Benefits of a Client Portal

1. Simplify your customer onboarding experience

Setup custom welcome messages, announcements and tasks lists for your clients or partners to follow, reducing error and improving engagement.

2. Streamline your processes

Create online forms for your clients or partners to complete with digital signatures and attach documents and streamline their onboarding.

3. Client Branding

Brand your client portal with their logo and personalize your Client or Partner onboarding experience.

4. Organize files for your clients and partners

Centralize files for your clients and partners to access whenever they need them. Forget the need to search for that email with those attachments in your inbox.

5. Find all your client or partner files

Store tag and organize all your client or partner files in one place for your team to securely access. Keep files secure with permission controls, so only those with permission can view and access files. CentricMinds provides a powerful document management experience for categorizing and managing all of your client and partner content.

6. Speed up approvals & requests  

With powerful workflows that connect your clients, partners and your team, you can collect digital signatures on any form and trigger workflows for approval.

7. Improve communication                          

Create tasks, upload files, or add comments between clients, partners and your teams.

8. Connect with other content services

While CentricMinds Drive provides you with your own dedicated document management system, your content may already live in another environment. Launching a client portal on CentricMinds supports the synchronization of content from Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox, allowing you to bring files together into one unified environment.  

9. Minimize risk and improve transparency

You’re after peace of mind. You need a client portal that provides you with granular security. With CentricMinds you can control visibility over your clients, partners and all of their content. CentricMinds supports a range of authentication options including Multi-factor authentication and encrypted configuration.

10. Automate workflows

A client portal should connect with the tools you use so that data can flow between applications. Eliminate tedious manual data entry. Client Portals like CentricMinds supports integration with Zapier allowing you to connect to more than 2,000+ applications to assist with automating your operation.

Customer-focused way of working

A client portal enables you and your clients to win. Through automation and tracking, better decision making can be achieved across all of your engagements. A client portal ultimately helps to reduce the need for email and removes error prone steps like duplication. With an automated onboarding process, you and your team can be more efficient with your time and can devote your focus to providing real value and improved service to your clients, partners and vendors.

You'll always be able to track where things are with task management and reporting. That means that through every step of your client or partner process, you will have visibility. By giving your clients access to agreements, you can save hours a week, allowing them to make service requests by filling in forms or providing them with training materials. New product or service updates, training materials, agreements or marketing collateral can be published quickly and even a survey can be created using online forms. It's a more customer-focused and agile way of working together.

The 5 advantages of a client portal

1. Automate the flow of work with forms, include the option of digital signatures

2. Speed up your client onboarding operation, while you control the quality of service you provide to your clients

3. Everything in one place for your clients, partners and your team

4. End the back-and-forth when gathering client or partner data and reduce errors

5. Improve efficiency by automating your client and partner processes

Find out how you can use online forms, workflows, documents and digital signatures to create a client portal that lets you get on with business.

It's time to say good-bye to inefficient and slow ways of doing business with your clients, partners or vendors. Implementing a client portal to onboard and keep work flowing gives you convenience and productivity gains. With a few simple steps, you can get started onboarding your clients or partners with a client portal from CentricMinds.

You don't need any help from IT. You don't need to be a technical wizard. Start onboarding your clients with a central portal of information, forms, digital signatures, and files and spend less time working the old way.