Jun 2019
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Announcing the Upcoming Release of Version 8 of CentricMinds

For those of you who’ve had some inside intel, yes, it’s been a while coming. But finally, the next major release of the CentricMinds product is almost here.

We first announced the next release of the CentricMinds platform back in 2016. At that time, we had a million ideas of how to improve the core application which has served so many customers for close to 15 years. We had ambitious plans, fueled by what was now possible with modern development methodologies and a healthy trend towards servicing users with powerful cloud technologies.

We’ve learnt a great deal working with customers over the last 15 years. What you like, and what you don’t like. We’ve identified a range of bottlenecks in the way individuals and teams approach content publishing and management through the analytics we’ve collected. Some of you manage small sites for no more than 50 people. Some of you manage very large sites that service more than 30,000 people. All of you have provided insight into how we work and communicate within teams at scale.

Perhaps the number one improvement overall is the user experience of CentricMinds. It’s a dramatic shift from the current environment. Version 8 presents an entirely new user experience for CMS administration, making it more intuitive for non-technical authors to manage content and authoring tasks more efficiently. A modern user interface, based on the React.js framework, makes working with content, tasks and workflows more practical, no matter how much work you might have on your plate. On that note, let's take a look at some screenshots from Version 8.

Real-time Dashboard

The challenge with CentricMinds has been the various layers of management complexity.

With version 8, we wanted to surface content, document, metadata and workflow management into a more intuitive dashboard so that non-technical users could quickly understand and feel comfortable in managing no matter how large their respective site might be. The ‘living’ dashboard within CentricMinds updates based on when and what the users need to know.

Powerful Content Management

Every piece of content matters. That’s why dedicated repositories remain within CentricMinds.

However, they are now responsive environments where you can drag and drop content directly from your desktop and apply metadata, security and more. You can now create taxonomies directly within repositories, and drag and drop elements between respective libraries.

Digital Experience Authoring

Never leave the page you’re working on when you need to access content and authoring tools. The in context authoring experience of CentricMinds has now evolved to present the tools you need to design and publishing rich and complex content experiences for your audiences.

New Native App

As work shifts from the desktop to mobile, the next generation of the CentricMinds app enables our Intranet customers to empower their remote and mobile teams more effectively.

The reimagined dashboard brings all your notifications into one place. The search driven interface keeps an audit of everything you’ve viewed and searched for, allowing you to simply tap to return from where you left off. Users can now view and action Tasks and Workflow items from the new version of the app.

No matter where you are, and what you might be working on, we’re here to assist you and your team with exceeding your potential in creating, sharing and managing your communication across the organization. How you communicate internally as a team, and how you communicate externally with your key audiences, can be managed using a single instance of the CentricMinds platform.

We’ve always been willing to take a step back and put in the hard work, which is necessary for building a great product. And we’ve done it organically. To date, the company has taken no outside investment in building our core product offering. We’ve solely relied on you, our customers, whom we’re grateful for your ongoing support in allowing us to support you with your own goals.

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