Build and Support your Team Through Effective Internal Communication

Jan 2020
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It's common to feel overwhelmed when it comes to Internal Communication. Most team members faced with planning and managing Internal Comms don’t know where to start, and the tools to create comms can be complicated and are typically not user-friendly.

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Internal Communication helps you amplify the company culture you want to build. The messages you create have the power to transform employee behavior, shape attitudes, inform and influence, and guide employees to be more productive. Get it right, and it’s a persuasive force.

Barriers to communicating more frequently

Producing high-quality digital internal communication can be difficult and time-consuming.

Producing effective communication that make your brand and culture stand out should be straight forward, but it’s generally not the case. Every company has the best intentions and wants to communicate more frequently with their managers and employees, but the barriers are very high.

Understanding the needs of your employees is also crucial to getting it right. According to Gallagher’s Global Survey of internal communication professionals, the most critical focus for communication activities across the globe are corporate announcements at 88%, and communicating strategy at 89%.

Gallagher’s global research found that companies face some sizable challenges in creating internal communications, and some of these include the following;

  • Companies can’t devote people or time to internal communication functions. It’s usually left to HR to craft a comms piece.
  • The current tools are not fit for purpose. Creating new communication is frustrating, time-consuming, and the results are mediocre. Most give up trying to create a targeted internal communications campaign.
  • Information overload - employees are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of words that hit them every day. Using email or instant messaging doesn’t penetrate through the noise. According to Glassdoor, 2 in 3 employees ignore emails.
  • Managers lack the communication skills necessary to inform and engage with their teams.
  • Frontline and deskless employees are hard to reach.
  • There are no options for deploying ready-made professional communication which can be tailored and targeted for internal audiences.

The most critical focus for communication activities across the globe are corporate announcements at 88%, and communicating strategy at 89%

Introducing personalized Internal Communications, with point-and-click simplicity

With CentricMinds, you can now plan and create internal communication that cuts through the noise, is easy to create and share so your message sticks. Choose from the gallery of bite-sized designs that not only informs but also educates employees about the changes, goals, and successes across the company or within a discrete team.

Select a design and create internal campaigns in seconds. Not hours

You can select from a gallery of ready-made campaigns, or drag and drop your own graphics and applying messaging and then share it company-wide or just with a team.

Pick a theme from the communication galleries, including;

  • Change and transformation
  • Leadership - strategy, values, and purpose
  • Crisis management
  • Corporate communication
  • Team communication
  • Training and professional development
  • Culture - shoutouts, welcome, endorsements, health and wellbeing, celebrations, jokes, inclusion
  • Campaigns - product, service, recruitment, PR, safety.

Now you have the tools to create and share internal communications instantly. Select from a gallery of themes or customize them to meet your corporate branding guidelines. Our tools eliminate the time you have to spend thinking of ideas, sourcing the right graphics, and producing your communication.

Communicate and notify people with a click

If the need arises for critical and timely warnings for employees or teams, simply choose an appropriate theme from the alerts gallery. You can also trigger a notification to appear on desktops and push notify team members through the CentricMinds mobile app.

Build trust and transparency

Encourage feedback on the content you post. With a range of options, employees can like, comment or share your communication. All of these features drive transparency and open the conversation at work. We’re changing the way we communicate internally, making it easier for teams to communicate more frequently.

Take your ordinary internal communication and make it extraordinary across desktop and mobile

All leaders, managers, and employees deserve the opportunity to connect with their work and workplace. We’ve made it simple and efficient for you to design and create great communication with CentricMinds Internal Communications. Now you can create bite-sized messaging and campaigns that get employee's attention, provides convenience and achieves results that deliver value and improve communication.